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Product Design

Silver Winner

Entrant: Leo Burnett Sydney, Sydney
Samsung brainBAND - "brainBAND"

Corporate Name of Client: Samsung Australia

Head of Digital & Corporate Brand Communications, Samsung: Brett Turnbull

Head of Client Services: Amanda Quested

Media Company: Starcom MediaVest Group, Sydney

Media Planners: Scott Glitz/Nicola Yuille

PR Company: Edelmen Australia, Sydney

Agency Account Directors: Natalie Tay-Uceda/Brendan Swansborough

Agency Planning Director: Emily Taylor

Global Chief Creative Officer: Mark Tutssel

Executive Creative Directors: Vince Lagana/Grant McAloon

Creative Director: Scott Huebscher

Copywriter: Dave Govier

Art Director: Nils Eberhardt

Executive Agency Producer: Laurent Marcus

Agency Producer: Cassie Collin

Production Company: The Pool Collective, Sydney

Director: Chris Ireland

Senior Executive Producers: Petrea Lambert/Cameron Gray

Editing Facility: Leo Burnett, Sydney/Hound Films, Sydney

Editors: Willy Bernardoff/Chris Baron

Sound Studio Company: We Love Jam, Sydney

Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney, Sydney

Description of the Project:
Samsung believes in creating technology that serves a human purpose. As part of this commitment we set about to build brand love by finding a solution to a growing problem across the world: Concussion in contact sports.
The result was the Samsung brainBAND, a unique piece of wearable tech that could change the lives of sportspeople both now and in the future.
Housed within a high-grade rubber headband, custom-built sensors featuring accelerometers, gyroscopes and wireless tech measure the force of an impact and immediately relay this data to referees, coaches and medics on and off the pitch, via an app.
The information can be displayed on any mobile device, be it a phone, watch or tablet.
As well as measuring the g-force of an impact, the brainBAND features LED warning lights to warn team-mates – yellow, orange and red, meaning a player should be taken off immediately. All data is logged so that, over time, players have a complete picture of the forces their brain has been put under.
Developed alongside neuroscientists, engineers and international rugby star Izzy Folau, the brainBAND is a powerful new tool for shining a light on the dangers of concussion and reducing injury at every level of the game. The design itself being simple, unobtrusive and tough enough to be worn at every sporting level.
A series of documentary episodes featured on Samsung’s social media channels, and a widespread PR campaign was undertaken in partnership with Australian sports stars, escalating exposure in news and social media nationally and globally. brainBAND didn’t just seek to diagnose the problem, but to prompt debate and education.
As a world-first technology, the brainBAND is an important contribution to Samsung’s strategy to innovate and connect people in new and exciting ways.