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Product Design

Silver Winner

Entrant: J. Walter Thompson Colombia, Bogotá
Luki - "Lifesaver Backpack"

Corporate Name of Client: Casa Luker

Client Marketing Director: Alejandra Angulo

Agency Senior Account Executive: Juanita del Corral

Agency Account Director: Andres Sanmartin

Agency: J. Walter Thompson Colombia, Bogotá

Global Chief Creative Officer: Matt Eastwood

Chief Creative Officer: Rodolfo Borrell

Executive Creative Directors: Claudia Murillo/Miguel Andres Norato

Creative Directors: Diego Contreras/Diana Triana

Copywriter: Camilo Mateus

Art Directors: Carolina Parra Garces/Carlos Alberto Jimenez

Executive Agency Producer: Maria Medina

Agency Producer: Andrea Hortua

Design Company: Juan Sebastian Sanchez, Bogotá

Design Director: Juan Sebastian Sanchez

Designer: Catalina Velasquez Velandia

Description of the Project:
Colombia is a country with hundreds of rivers that are used everyday by children in remote jungle communities to get to school, using precarious and unsafe means of transport, but the problem is that rivers are unpredictable and flash floods happen without warning.
In the last years more than a thousand children drowned trying to get to school. Our client Luki, a famous fruit snack that is always present in children’s lunch boxes and schools, asked us for an idea to help these children.
We created, a new type of backpack : The Lifesaver Backpack, that can keep the children safe when the unexpected happens and at the same time, teach them about water safety and what to do in case of an emergency.
The Lifesaver Backpacks were designed and inspired by the same technology used in life vests, using light weight materials that resist strong river currents and colors that contrast against the dark brown water of the rivers.
They were tested to resist the weight of children from 5 to12 years old and their supplies, allowing the child to float. It is also capable of turning them around if they fall unconscious, allowing him or her to breathe freely.
The lifesaver Backpack has also integrated into the design reflecting materials that react to light, an internal dry bag for school supplies, a reinforced top handle that could be used for water rescues in the situation that a child is pulled out from the water into a boat, a waterproof whistle and stitch into the back are CPR instructions.
In partnership with the Colombian Red Cross hundreds of backpacks have been donated to 4 different jungle communities: Taparal, Munguido, San Jose and Los Perea. Also a educational program that impacted more than 2,000 people including children and adults teaching them first aid, CPR and and what to do in case of water emergencies. Working close with the Colombian Red Cross we are identifying other communities. To reach out with more Lifesaver Backpacks.
Luki has an on-going promotion in Supermarkets and stores for the purchase of there product part of the money goes to the construction of more Lifesaver Backpacks.
The idea was also picked up by news media gaining free press that help to promote the idea, increasing sales that help create more Lifesaver Backpacks.