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Music & Sound
Sound Design

Silver Winner

Entrant: Factory, London
Honda - "Paper"

Corporate Name of Client: Honda

Agency: RPA, Santa Monica

Chief Creative Officer: Joe Baratelli

Executive Creative Director: Ken Pappanduros

Copywriter: Chris Bradford

Art Director: Laura Crigler

Executive Agency Producer: Isadora Chesler

Production Company: RESET, Santa Monica

Director: PES

Sound Design Company: Factory, London

Sound Designer: Phil Bolland

Sound Engineer: Phil Bolland

Description of the Project:
The sound design brief for this film saw us tasked with faithfully recreating the evolution of Honda's vehicle legacy from it's inception in 1942, through to the present day. For authenticity, we sourced and modelled every Honda vehicle that features in the film. Through extensive audio research of Honda's very own sound archive, we were able to bring alive each engine within our unique paper world; starting with the first ever Honda engine to be built, right through to their latest high powered NSX sports car. Working closely with our Director PES, we continued the authenticity brief to create a soundscape that was totally true to the paper aesthetic of the film. The sound design would follow every fold, every turn, and every different texture of the paper as we journeyed through Honda's history. We utilised Foley recordings of card, tracing paper, Post It notes etc… as we spent two days concentrating solely on the sound design of our paper world. To bring the engines and paper sounds together within our sonic environment, we tracked the story's passing of time through the use of atmospheres, music, SFX and dialogue, to accurately reflect the relevant era. The elements combine to produce a mix that is fun and entertaining, whilst staying true to Honda's ethos of 'warm engineering'.