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Experiential Marketing

Gold Winner

Entrant: J. Walter Thompson, New York
Tribeca Film Festival - "ReActor"

Corporate Name of Client: Tribeca Film Festival

Client Account Director: Oswaldo Barbosa

Client Account Manager: Haley Rankin

Agency Planning Director: Matt Baker

Agency: J. Walter Thompson, New York

Global Chief Creative Officer: Matt Eastwood

Chief Creative Officer: Brent Choi

Executive Creative Directors: Aaron Padin/Greg Erdelyi

Copywriter: Kate Delaney

Art Director: Itai Inselberg

Project Manager: Juliana Orozco

Senior Executive Producer: Mary Ellen Verrusio

Executive Producer: Zeynep Cingir

Producer: Liam Golding

Director of Digital: Jennifer Usdan McBride

Digital Producers: Jen Lash/Nick Orsini

Designers: Katie Bourgeois/Soyeon Yoo/Emely Perez/Hyunseo Yoo

Art Buyer: Suzanna Shields

Post-Production Company: The Mill, New York

Description of the Project:
The Tribeca ReActor is a freestanding game kiosk that travels the streets of New York allowing people to re-enact their favorite movies, then get scored based on their performance.
- Participants approach the machine, pick a movie from a list of iconic favorites, then get three chances to re-enact the scene.
- They are then scored against the celebrity based on data points taken from voice and facial recognition.
- The machine then paints out the celebrity and drops the participant into the scene to playback their performance for the crowd.
- It then automatically creates a video of the player’s performance and uploads it to Youtube for sharing.
- WIN TICKETS: If a player gets a high enough score he or she wins free tickets to the Tribeca Film Festival on the spot.