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Music & Sound
Sound Design

Bronze Winner

Entrant: TBWA\Singapore, Singapore
Magnum Photos Fund - "Ché"

Corporate Name of Client: Magnum Photos

Client Supervisor: Abbas

Client Account Manager: Melisa Teo

Agency: TBWA\Singapore, Singapore

Executive Creative Director: Gary Steele

Copywriter: John Sheterline

Production Company: SixToes.TV, Singapore

Executive Producer: Haydn Evans

Producer: Sariyanti Sannie

VFX Company: AIRBAG, Melbourne

VFX Lead/3D Animation: Adrian Oostergetel

Director/Compositor: Nick Wright

Assistant Compositor: Luke Davies

Sound Design Company: SongZu, Singapore

Sound Designers: Damian Waddell/Steve Dannemmiller

Music Production Company: SongZu, Singapore

Music/Sound Designer: Lindsay Jehan

Description of the Project:
Founded in 1947 by Robert Capa, David ‘Chim’ Seymour, George Rodger and Henri Cartier-Bresson, Magnum is the world’s most prestigious photography agency. Since its inception, Magnum photographers have documented turmoil across the world with independence and humanity.
Magnum is seeking to preserve and pass on its heritage to a wider audience through a unique documentary and artistic collection. Our brief was to help raise awareness and funds for the creation of La Fondation Magnum in Paris, where the Magnum collection will be maintained.
Our idea was use the photographer’s own words to paint a picture of the moment three famous Magnum photographs were taken.
We did not have access to the photographers themselves as two have died. However, through a combination of actors, multi-layered music, special effects and sound design, we were able to re-create what it was like to be there when each photograph was taken.
Our audience can hear what was going through each photographer’s mind. And feel what they felt the moment history was made. These are the decisive moments that will be preserved forever with the creation of La Fondation Magnum.
The videos are running on the Magnum fundraising website at www.magnumphotos.fund.