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Bronze Winner

Entrant: Ogilvy Germany
Mein Kampf - Against Racism - "Mein Kampf - Against Racism"

Corporate Name of Client:
    Gesicht Zeigen! An association encouraging people to stand against racism in Germany

Heads of Client Services: Uwe-Karsten Heye/Sophia Oppermann/Rebecca Weis

Media Companies: Mindshare, Frankfurt/Kinetic Worldwide Germany, Frankfurt

Media Planners: Christian Scholz/Dietmar Birkner

PR / Marketing Companies: Carlsberg & Richter, Munich/Stang PR, Berlin/Ogilvy PR, Frankfurt

PR / Marketing Executives: Claus-Martin Carlsberg/Barbara Stang/Anna-Karina Berels/
    Anna-Lena Daniels/Laura Kolb/Julia Steckel

Agency Account Managers: Carsten Kaiser/Stephen Kimpel/Patricia Podewin/
    Iskra Velichkova/Samet Akti

Agency: Ogilvy Germany

Chief Creative Officer: Dr. Stephan Vogel

Executive Creative Directors: Tim Stuebane/Birgit van den Valentyn

Creative Directors: Bjoern Kernspeckt/Stese Wagner/Sebastian Kraus/Daniela Schmidt

Copywriters: Janne Sachse/Anke Roell

Art Directors: Matthias Bauer/Philipp Bertisch/Andreas Richter/Stephan Westerwelle/
    Joschka Wolf/Collja Lorig/Michael Mogk

Agency Producer: Georg Ilse

Programmer: Robert Georgi

Social Media Strategy: Rochus Landgraf

Art Buyer: Martina Diederichs

Production Company: Tony Petersen Film, Berlin

Director: Florian Baeker

Producer: Florian Baeker

Post-Production Companies: Pirates ‘N Paradise/vividgrey.de, Berlin

Editor: Kathie Fischer

Photographer: Dominik Thomas Butzmann

Publishing House Company: Europa Verlag, Munich

Publisher: Christian Strasser

Production Print Company: H&O Frankfurt, Frankfurt

Print Producers: Uschy Koebe/Knud Schlaudraff

Copy Editor: Lutz Meier

Music Production Company: Pas de Deux, Berlin

Music Composer: Kris Steininger

Description of the Project:
Hitler’s “Mein Kampf“ (My Struggle), the Nazi propaganda book, can be published once again in Germany after its 70-year copyright expired – in a country struggling against new right-wing extremism. We had to create a strong stand against it on behalf of our client “Gesicht Zeigen!” – a non-profit association encouraging people to stand against racism.
1. Reclaim the conception of the words “Mein Kampf” from the Nazis.
2. Create a spectacular content triggering PR and social media buzz.
3. Wake up and encourage the silent majority to stand against racism.
We wrote a counterbook and launched it at the same time of the re-publication of "Mein Kampf": "Mein Kampf – against racism"! It features 11 people and their courageous struggle against racism. Touching stories of people like granny Irmela Mensah-Schramm who removes Nazi graffiti or MTV host Wana Limar who had to face hate as a refugee child.
Our integrated campaign made our book the relevant topic across society:
- Bookmailing activating influencers.
- Lectures triggering PR.
- Provocative posters around bookstores.
- Social media campaign spreading the news and content.
- Top 15 bestseller on Amazon
- 645 million contacts via earned media worth Euro 14.8 million.