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Radio & Audio
Public Service/Social Welfare

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Ogilvy Germany
Gesicht Zeigen! - "Alia"

Corporate Name of Client:
    Gesicht Zeigen! An association encouraging people to stand against racism in Germany

Heads of Client Services: Uwe-Karsten Heye/Sophia Oppermann/Rebecca Weis

Agency Account Managers: Stephen Kimpel/Iskra Velichkova

Agency: Ogilvy Germany

Chief Creative Officer: Dr. Stephan Vogel

Executive Creative Directors: Tim Stuebane/Birgit van den Valentyn

Copywriter: Jens Friggemann

Art Director: Andreas Richter

Agency Producer: Georg Ilse

Audio Engineer: Nima Gholiagha

Music Production Company: Studio Funk, Berlin

Description of the Project:
The refugee crisis has fundamentally changed the political situation in Germany. Extreme right-wing polemics threaten to become more and more acceptable in the middle of society. A right-wing populist party holds seats in several state parliaments and stirs up people against refugees. The number of attacks on refugee accommodations has trebled in the last 12 month compared to the year 2014. And counting. This leads to the absurd situation, that refugees who are fleeing the terrors of war do not find the safe haven they so desperately require. Our spot points the finger at this paradox-on and gets people to think and hopefully to act. So the listener is asked to take a stand against the increasing number of right-wing violence in Germany.