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Public Service/Social Welfare


Entrant: AKQA, São Paulo
Usher - "Don't Look Away"

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Corporate Name of Client: Usher

Account Lead: Ricardo Honnegger

Agency: AKQA, São Paulo

Creative Directors: Diego Machado/Hugo Veiga

Associate Creative Director: Renato Zandoná

Copywriter: Raphael Valenti

Art Director: Augusto Antunes

Agency Producer: Leticia Hernandez

Creative Developers: Emile Swain/Paddy Keane/Kathryn Webb/Andy Hood

Senior DevOps Engineer: Daniel Mitchell

Digital Media Lead: Agnieszka Porada

Digital Strategy Lead: Ana Julia Agostinho

Senior User Experience Architect: Joanne Alden

Associate User Experience Architect: Ruth Baughan

Motion Designer: Rafaella Pioto

Director of Web Development: Andrew Smith

Site Developer: Mihnea Belcin

Associate Programme Director: Joe Holland

Project Manager: Daniele Wieczorek

Quality Assurance Team: Terry Nweze/Zeeshan Naseer

Description of the Project:
Full interactive experience is here:
While racial injustice keeps killing, society keeps looking away, quickly moving on to the next sensational story without truly acknowledging the lives lost, or making any real progress towards change.
To change it, Usher produced the song Chains and challenged us to launch it using today’s modern tools.
To make everyone look into an issue that no one wants to look at, we created the first music video that demands your attention.
Visitors to Chains.tidal.com are compelled to look into victims of brutality and confront the shocking facts of each person’s story. Facial recognition software, activated through a webcam, stops the music if the viewer looks away.
Facing the facts was the first step towards people and media engagement.
In only four days, the video received 500k views and was featured in news outlets from more than 100 countries. World acclaimed influencers like DiCaprio, Coldplay and Kevin Durant took it to social media and helped make this serious issue part of the world’s pop culture conversation.
Don’t Look Away became the centrepiece of a movement with concerts, social and art events, talks at universities and conferences, committed to reveal and break the chains of social injustice.