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Motion Graphics - Animation

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Mill+, London
D&AD - "2016 Title Sequence"

Corporate Name of Client: D&AD

Creative Director: Carly Addy

Artists: Stephanie Dewhirst/Rajinder Davsi/James Lee/Will Denning/Craig Maxwell/
    Oliver Johnson/Gabriel Thomas Ayache

Animators: Stephanie Dewhirst/Rajinder Davsi/James Lee/Ivo Sousa

Production Company: Mill+

Director: Ivo Sousa

Executive Producer: Alex Finch

Producer: Oana Anghel

Editors: David Toba/Hugo Vaugh-Hughes

Colourist: Oisin O'Driscoll

Art Department: Charles Bigeast

Music & Sound Designer: Tim O’Donoghue @ Angell Sound

Description of the Project:
D&AD represents global creative, design and advertising communities and celebrates brilliance in commercial creativity. The team created the concept, design, art direction and animation for their 2016 opening title sequence and ceremony teaser.
Every year, the D&AD awards highlight original thinking and inspirational work, which reverberates through the creative industry. The objectives of the project was to develop an idea that not only brought to life the core brand values of D&AD, but also conveyed the extraordinary tenacity and perseverance required when creating the world’s best work.
The concept was therefore based on an insight into the power of industry trends and fashions.
The team set out to depict this culture through the inclusion of graphic patterns that move in a harmonious shared direction - a uniform visual landscape.
As you move in closer you see that the anomaly in the system is depicted at its epicenter by an icon representing the D&AD awards. Pulling out wider, the film makes reference to the power of originality and its followers by seeing the disruption change the landscape into a new graphic form, a form that again settles into a new pattern.