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Branded Content

Gold Winner

Entrant: INGO Stockholm, Stockholm
Swedish Tourist Association - "The Swedish Number"

Corporate Name of Client: Swedish Tourist Association

Head of Client Services: Magnus Ling

Client Supervisor: Jenny Engström

Client Account Manager: Johanna Murray

PR / Marketing Company: Cohn & Wolf, Stockholm

PR / Marketing Company: Grey PR

PR / Marketing Company City: New York

PR / Marketing Executives: Tero Marjamäki/Johanna Lindqvist

Agency Senior Account Executive: Joachim Ewert

Agency Strategic Planner: Julia Blomquist

Agency: INGO Stockholm, Stockholm

Executive Creative Director: Björn Ståhl

Copywriter: Magnus Ivansson

Art Director: Gustav Westman

Description of the Project:
Sweden is known for being an open country where people can speak their mind. And in the year 1766 Sweden was the first country in the world to abolish censorship.
So during the anniversary 250 years later, when The Swedish Tourist Association wanted to make more people visit Sweden, they decided to give the outside world the uncensored truth.
The Swedish Number gave the control of the image of the country to the Swedes themselves. Nothing was censored or pre-arranged. In the name of freedom of speech, what ever opinion you may have, it matters.
In a digital world where people hide behind key boards, the Swedish Number created many wonderful person to person meetings in Sweden and Swedish values in focus, by using something old fashioned and analog, a simple telephone.
The Swedish Number is open for anyone to call just by using a normal telephone, but only from abroad. Swedes register as "telephone ambassadors" simply by downloading an App.
The Swedish Tourist Association is an organisation with deep roots in Swedish tourism since 1885, running hotels and hostels all over Sweden. Their main objective is to develop tourism and to encourage both Swedes and foreigners to discover Sweden as a country.
The world is getting more uncertain, countries are shutting down ways of communication. The Swedish Tourist Association wanted to do the opposite; they wanted to sell Sweden with its people's values and opinions, whatever they might be.
Since every Swede has his/her own perception of his/her country, every call becomes a unique description of Sweden.
On the web page theswedishnumber.com, you get the simple background, i.e. The Swedish Number film and statistics in real time regarding the campaign, number of calls, latest calling country, avarage calling time, etc.
The hub of the campaign was a tailor made sophisticated cloudbased switchboard. One of the largest in the world. The switchboard made sure that calls can only come in from outside Sweden and then it connects it to the next Swede in line to answer. That person is then moved to last in line.
If you have a Swedish phone number (+46) you can download The Swedish Number App from App-Store. Register your email and phone number, that's it, then you can start taking calls. The call shows up in your phone lika a normal call.
The Swedish Number instantly spread rapidly across the globe. People from all countries found it on tens of thousands live TV-Shows and News channels, live radioshows, in newspaper articles, in bloggs, on Twitter, and on Facebook. Calls came in by the 100,000s and the Swedish people answering represented all parts of society, from geographic areas, ages and opinions.
Nothing (ZERO!) was spent on bought media or seeding.
The results:
Total calls: 187,954
Swedish Phone Ambassadors: 34,069
Number of countries calling: 186 (194 in the world)
Accumulated calling time: 367 days
Longest call: 3h 42min
Total media impressions: 9.324 billion.
Media Value: 147 million dollars (US).