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Gold Winner

Entrant: Ogilvy Germany
Mein Kampf - Against Racism - "The tear-open-mailing for Mein Kampf - Against Racism"

Corporate Name of Client:
    Gesicht Zeigen! An association encouraging people to stand against racism in Germany

Heads of Client Services: Uwe-Karsten Heye/Sophia Oppermann/Rebecca Weis

PR / Marketing Companies: Carlsberg & Richter GmbH & Co. KG, Munich/Stang PR, Berlin/
    Ogilvy PR, Frankfurt

PR / Marketing Executives: Claus-Martin Carlsberg/Barbara Stang/Anna-Karina Berels/
    Anna-Lena Daniels/Laura Kolb/Julia Steckel

Agency Account Managers: Carsten Kaiser/Stephen Kimpel/Patricia Podewin/
    Iskra Velichkova/Samet Akti

Agency: Ogilvy Germany

Chief Creative Officer: Dr. Stephan Vogel

Executive Creative Directors: Tim Stuebane/Birgit van den Valentyn

Creative Directors: Bjoern Kernspeckt/Stese Wagner/Sebastian Kraus/Daniela Schmidt

Copywriters: Janne Sachse/Anke Roell

Copy Editor: Lutz Meier

Art Directors: Matthias Bauer/Philipp Bertisch/Andreas Richter/Stephan Westerwelle/
    Joschka Wolf/Collja Lorig/Michael Mogk

Social Media Strategy: Rochus Landgraf

Agency Producer: Georg Ilse

Photographer: Dominik Thomas Butzmann

Art Buyer: Martina Diederichs

Publishing House Company: Europa Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Munich

Publisher: Christian Strasser

Production Print Company: H&O Frankfurt, Frankfurt

Print Producer : Uschy Koebe/Knud Schlaudraff

Description of the Project:
Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle), the Nazi propaganda book, can be published once again in Germany after its 70-year copyright expired – in a country struggling against new right-wing extremism. We had to create a strong stand against it on behalf of our client “Gesicht Zeigen!” – a non-profit association encouraging people to stand against racism.
To stand against the re-publication of Hitler’s "Mein Kampf" in Germany, we wrote an open-minded book: "Mein Kampf – against racism"! Taking the same title and layout as the original, the counterbook features 11 people and their courageous struggle against racism. With 11,000 books available in every bookstore in Germany and via Amazon, we reclaim the conception of the two words “Mein Kampf” from the Nazis.
We promoted the book launch with a print campaign. Each impactful motif showed one of our 11 courageous strugglers against racism in a visually touching portrayal – by using again the same title, type and layout as the original book cover.
“My Struggle – against racism” became “Our Struggle – against racism”:
- Top15 bestseller on Amazon
- 645 million contacts via earned media worth 14.8 million Euro