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TV/Cinema/Online Film
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Silver Winner

Entrant: HEIMAT, Berlin
Hornbach - "You're alive. Do you remember?"

Corporate Name of Client: HORNBACH Baumarkt AG

Client Marketing Directors: Thomas Schnaitmann/Julia Ziegelmann

Media Company: Mediaplus, Munich

Agency Account Executives: Matthias von Bechtolsheim/Maik Richter

Agency Account Supervisor: Tim Holtkötter

Agency Account Director: Frauke Bielefeld

Agency Account Managers: Franziska Falk/Franziska Lequen

Agency: HEIMAT, Berlin

Chief Creative Officer: Guido Heffels

Creative Directors: Guido Heffels/Frank Hose/Teresa Jung

Copywriters: Guido Heffels/Marlon Fischer/Mo Sadeghi

Art Directors: Felix Pfannmüller/Marco Bienek

Agency Producer: Kerstin Heffels

Production Company: Partizan, Berlin

Director: Tom Noakes

Executive Producer: Moritz Merkel

Producer: Swenja Babucke

Director of Photography: Antonio Paladino

Post-Producers: Steffen Röthinger/TED+FLO

Editor: Niels Landmark

Sound Design Company: LOFT Studios, Berlin

Sound Designer: David Arnold, 48k

Music Producers: Thomas Berlin/Ramin Schmiedekampf

Description of the Project:
We wanted to promote the good old authentic experience of gardening in spring through an unforgettable and immersive experience and transfer these feelings in the sales driven digital channels. Our goal was to get our main audience in the right mood for spring before it even began.
The increasing urbanization and digitalization are dominating our modern, highly rationalised everyday life. DIY is one of the last playing fields to create something with one’s own hands, a unique feeling that every DIYer knows.
We invited people, to gain back that feeling in spring 2016.