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Multi-platform Campaign

Gold Winner

Entrant: Colenso BBDO, Auckland
DB Export - "Brewtroleum"

Corporate Name of Client: DB Breweries

Head of Account Management: Angela Watson

Business Director: Brodie Reid

Experiential Busines Director: Nick Harvey

Experiential Senior Account Manager: Kate Boekhorst

Client Marketing Directors: Maud Meijboom-van Wel/Sean O'Donnell

Media Company: SparkPHD, Auckland

PR / Marketing Company: Spark PR, Auckland

Head of PR/Activation: Paul Gunn

Marketing Manager: Tony Wheeler

Managing Director: Andy Routley

Agency Account Executive: Jacob Douglas

Agency Account Manager: Mitch Lovich

Head of Planning: Andy McLeish

Agency Planning Director: Neville Doyle

Creative Chairman: Nick Worthington

Executive Creative Director: Andy Blood

Senior Copywriter: Simon Vicars

Copywriter: Matt Lawson

Senior Art Directors: Brett Colliver/Andre Sallowicz

Head of Broadcast: Jen Storey

Agency Producer: Scott Chapman

Project Manager: Lucy Grigg

Production Company: Scoundrel, Sydney

Director: Tim Bullock

Producer: Adrian Shapiro

Director of Photography: Crighton Bone

Post-Production Company: Blockhead, Auckland

Animation Company: Blockhead, Auckland

Editors: Adam Wills/Stephan Coorey

Sound Design Company: Franklin Road

Music Production Company: Nylon Studios

Music Composer: Mark Allen

Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland

Description of the Project:
Global beer consumption is in decline. In New Zealand, it’s at its lowest since World War 2. So, to promote DB Export, we created a brilliant reason to drink more beer.
After six months of R&D we created Brewtroleum - a biofuel made from the yeast leftover after brewing DB Export. Brewtroleum reduced carbon emissions by 8%, meaning every time a man drank DB Export he was helping to save the world.
Up and down the country, men rallied to the planet’s defence. Thanks to their dedicated drinking we turned 58,000 tonnes of yeast slurry into 300,000 litres of biofuel – enough to supply 62 service stations around the country and to open our own flagship Brewtroleum station. Every day for six weeks, a fully branded super tanker travelled the country delivering Brewtroleum to the pumps, where it sold for $2.09 a litre.
Through TV, digital, outdoor, and on-pack advertising we encouraged men to keep drinking DB Export to ensure our supply of Brewtroleum never ran dry.
Suddenly men were no longer drinking beer, they were saving the world. Every sip made a difference, and every party was for the planet.
In a beer market declining at a rate of 6%, sales of DB Export increased by an unprecedented 10%, making DB Export the fastest growing beer brand in the country. Brewtroleum won New Zealand’s highest sustainability honour, and Heineken Global are now rolling the idea across 50 of their biggest breweries.