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Production & Post-Production

Gold Winner

Entrant: FINCH, Sydney
St Kilda Film Festival - "Every Second Counts"

Corporate Name of Client: St Kilda Film Festival

Copywriters: Patrick Hughes/James Maclurcan

Art Director: Lauren Deinnocentis

Production Company: FINCH, Melbourne

Director: Patrick Hughes

Executive Producer: Corey Esse

Producer: Camilla Dehnert

Director of Photography: Ari Wegner

Casting Director: Nick Hammon

Editing Facility: Cutting Edge, Sydney

Editor: Michael Houlahan

Post Producer: Fiona Fry

Colourist: Martin Greer

Music Production Company: Bang Bang Studios, Melbourne

Music Producers: Holli Dee/Polly McGregor

Music Composer: Dmitri Golovko

Description of the Project:
The St Kilda Film Festival being amongst Australia’s select few accredited short film festivals by the Academy Awards, needed to arrive on stage with some Hollywood glamour. So with an all star cast and Hollywood Director, Patrick Hughes, Every Second Counts' mission was to make the small decisions of making a short film into an epic and high-pressured situation that empathises with the struggles of filmmakers.
In a medium in which every second counts every small decision creates a massive reaction... The idea was to create a trailer which expresses this through a metafictional dramatic representation of what writing, directing and producing a short film is about. The idea came from the multitude of real conversations you would have with writers, directors, producers and critics when making your short film and all the battles you go through to get it done.