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Music & Sound
Music Adaptation - Song


Entrant: Grey Group Singapore, Singapore
DCA Mine Action - "Never Walk Alone"

Corporate Name of Client: DanChurchAid (DCA)

Head of Client Services: Konstantin Popovic

Client Account Director: Karishma Menon

Media Company: Group M, London

Media Planners: Preeti Kumar/Yvonne Hippeli/Simon Kennett/Stuart Chick

PR / Marketing Company: Grey Group Singapore, Singapore

PR / Marketing Executives: Huma Qureshi/Yanrong Pang

Agency Account Executive: Rasyiqah Rahman

Agency: Grey Group Singapore, Singapore

Executive Creative Director: Till Hohmann

Creative Director: Antonio Bonifacio

Associate Creative Directors: James Dickinson/Luis Fabra

Executive Agency Producer: Brendan Cravitz

Agency Producer: Lauren Reilly

Social Media Strategist: Suresh Ramaswamy

Production Company: Great Guns, London

Director: James Teh

Executive Producer: Laura Gregory

Producer: Mathew Alden

Line Producer: Ann Suthida Sihasavetra

Director of Photography: Sinthop Sophon

Digital Company: Grey Group Singapore, Singapore

Chief Digital Officer: JunJek Low

Post-Production Company: Cutters, Tokyo

Executive Post-Producer: Timo Otsuki

Post-Producer: Shumpei Negami

Editor: Ryan Mcguire

Colour Company: Cutters, Tokyo

Colourists: Ben Conkey/Toshiki Kamei/Dr. Yu/Tomomi Ogawa

Sound Design Company: Yessian Music, Detroit

Sound Designer: Jeff Dittenber

Sound Mixer: Jeff Dittenber

Music Production Company: Yessian Music, Detroit

Music Executive Producer: Brian Yessian

Music Producers: Timo Otsuki/Shumpei Negami

Music Arranger: Michael Dragovic

Music Composer: Michael Dragovic

Song Title: Never Walk Alone

Original Artist: Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II

Original Song Title: You'll Never Walk Alone

Description of the Project:
This film is the centrepiece of a campaign that combines two topics: clearing of landmines/unexploded ordinance and football. An odd couple? Consider this: In more than 60 heavily affected countries around the world millions of dangerous remnants of war remain in the ground - making it dangerous for kids to just go outside (and play ball). Actually: 4 in 10 victims are children. Also: don't we all tend to measure area in "football-field-size"?! Like the area affected - or for that matter: cleared... But there's more: Making this connection actually gives DCA a way of reaching the world of football and its millions of fans around the globe - this is crucial, because visibility and awareness for the topic have dropped in recent years. DCA of course doesn't just clear football pitches. But: with #ClearThePitch it can tap into football culture to create massive
awareness and raise donations to create safer communities.
MUSIC: "You'll Never Walk Alone" is an iconic song in the football/soccer world with a very strong emotional connection with fans. But we needed to tweak it for the purpose, feeling ambiguous at the start: could be an anthem or something serious... We considered a 12 man choir, a single adult or child, or to move the lyric through a group of people that slowly join to sing together. In the end, we landed on a distinctive voice building in layers with natural emotion and passion. Subtle sound design helps to misdirect with the fans chanting and cheering. This sets up the story. The sonic palette feels passionate for the sport and positive until the moment we see the boy: the music drops to acknowledge this horrible outcome for an innocent victim. It picks back up to glorify the call-to-action. Indeed: if we are all in, "you'll never walk alone".
ADDITIONAL INFO: This film went live on the International Day of Mine Awareness on April 4th, 2016. The initial push was global - with a big social media campaign to amplify reach. The Danish Foreign Minister and many major publishing groups lent free support. But this is not where things will stop. In coming months DCA will roll out additional campaign elements to build on the new connection between its cause/topic and the world of football. This will happen market by market, association by association, club by club, game by game.