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Branded Entertainment
Documentary Short Film


Entrant: ASAS - International Collective of Storydoers, São Paulo
Itaú - "Father, by Guga Kuerten"

Corporate Name of Sponsoring Client: Itaú Unibanco

Client Chief Marketing Officer: Eduardo Tracanella

Client Marketing Director: Thiago Cesar Silva

Film/TV Studio: ASAS - International Collective of Storydoers, São Paulo

Television Broadcasting Network: FOX Channels Brazil

Screenplay By: Paula Trabulsi/Monica Waldvogel

Creator: Paula Trabulsi

Filmmaker: Paula Trabulsi

Brand Strategist: Patrícia Weiss

Design Company: IS Creative Studio, Lima

Design Director: Richars Meza

Production Company: ASAS - International Collective of Storydoers, São Paulo

Director: Paula Trabulsi

Senior Executive Producers: Paula Trabulsi/Patrícia Weiss

Director of Photography: Arnaldo Mesquita

Post-Production Company: Mistika, São Paulo

Editor: Umberto Martins

Colour Company: Mistika, São Paulo

Colourist: Gigio Pelosi

Sound Design Company: Banda Sonora, São Paulo

Sound Designer: Eduardo Luiz dos Santos

Music Production Company: Banda Sonora, São Paulo

Music Producer: Ruriá Duprat

Music Arranger: Ruriá Duprat

Music Composer: Ruriá Duprat

Music Performed By: Ruriá Duprat

Performer: Gustavo Kuerten

Narrator: Gustavo Kuerten

Description of the Project:
Itaú is a brand that has consistency to talk in an intimate way to the audiences because its institutional communication is oriented to people’s identities and not only to product.
The brand was seeking for a powerful and emotional story (and not a campaign) that could portray the brand’s reflexion on todays mythical father figure - and its impact in the construction of each individual’s character.
The aim was to create an emotional connection through a sincere reflexion about the father figure through a relevant narrative about people (and not about a brand) that could make sense to the audiences.
To be able to answer to this briefing, it was clear to us that we should create a narrative that should tell a story about people and not about the brand that wouldn’t be limited only to the Father’s Day promotional date.
For this reason, we’ve chosen a hero that is well known in Brazil and worldwide whose character has been greatly influenced by the fathers he acquired throughout his life.
As Guga was releasing his biography at that time, a plunge into his story and his hero’s journey was decisive for the choice of the protagonist.
The strategy was to release an emotional and engaging short-movie during the week of Father’s Day to honor not only biological fathers but also all fathers by heart, using an accessible language to reach all audiences (social and cultural) formed by the bank’s clients.
The 10-minute movie was produced for the brand’s digital platforms, especially Facebook and Youtube, as well as for pay TV and Cinemas. It was released on the week before Father’s Day (08/05/2015) and went on until de end of the month.
A reduced 3 minutes version was screened during entire commercial breaks on FOX channels from 08/07/15 to 08/09/15), replacing ad films for content - a relevant and engaging story that invited the audience to watch the full version on the Internet or in movie theatres.