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Innovative Use of Billboard


Entrant: J. Walter Thompson Atlanta, Atlanta
ELITE - "Flashlight Billboard"

Corporate Name of Client: PS Brands

Agency: J. Walter Thompson Atlanta, Atlanta

Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Jones

Associate Creative Directors: Marcos Piccinini/Lucas Heck/Daniel Prado

Description of the Project:
To launch the new ELITE line of flashlights, PS Brands wanted to show the power of their product in a creative and engaging way. They also wanted the idea to be as innovative as their products. The budget didn't allow for big traditional media efforts.
We decided to use the very product to sell itself: use the flashlight as a projection device, and place it within reach for everyone to try, allowing consumers to see how powerful Elite flashlights really are. The billboards they projected were made entirely from the lumens of the flashlight and could be projected anywhere, attracting even more consumers to the source. We were able to do all of this by simply attaching a custom 3D-printed part that transformed our own flashlight into mobile outdoor media.
The piece transformed the flashlight into a projector, which could be pointed towards any surface and become a light billboard. We placed the flashlights with the 3D-printed piece all over the Metro Atlanta Area, the company’s home city, as a test market before launching nationwide. People passing by them could try them, pointing to wherever and at whatever they wanted. The flashlights were placed together with a poster directing to the company's website.
The client already approved the effort in more cities, as well as began studying a patent to make the piece a regular product for consumers to add on their flashlights.