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Music & Sound
Use of Licensed Music

Silver Winner

Entrant: Rosapark, Paris
Innocence in Danger - "The Witness"

Corporate Name of Client: INNOCENCE IN DANGER

Head of Client Services: Christine Djamila Allaf

Co-Founder: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar

Agency: Rosapark, Paris

Chief Creative Officers: Jean-Francois Sacco/Gilles Fichteberg

Creative Directors: Mark Forgan/Jamie Standen

Copywriter: Jamie Standen

Art Director: Mark Forgan

Production Company: Troopers, Paris

Director: Josh Patrick Dawson

Executive Producer: Amandine Le Drappier

Description of the Project:
In France, 8 out of 10 sexually abused kids are the victims of someone they already know, usually a family member. Many of these crimes go unreported. This ad was created to urge witnesses to use their voice and report what they have seen.
We were lucky enough to negotiate our dream track for this film : Exit Music (for a film). Our objective for the film was to push witnesses of child abuse towards action. The lyrics of Exit Music also talk about someone in desperate circumstances about to take action. Wake from your sleep, the drying of your tears… today we escape. We also had a desire to not make cuts in the track, because we wanted the music to mirror the way the spot was filmed – mostly in one continuous shot. Exit Music matched perfectly without cutting, giving us both a build up and a resolution.