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Public Service/Social Welfare


Entrant: J. Walter Thompson Colombia, Bogotá
Natalia Ponce de Leon Foundation - "The Last Mask"

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VP Accounts: Angelica Escruceria

Corporate Name of Client: Natalia Ponce de Leon Foundation

Client Marketing Director: Natalia Ponce de Leon

PR / Marketing Company: Mediatica, Bogotá

PR / Marketing Executive: Wilma Calderon

Agency: J. Walter Thompson Colombia, Bogotá

Global Chief Creative Officer: Matt Eastwood

Chief Creative Officer: Rodolfo Borrell

Executive Creative Directors: Claudia Murillo/Miguel Andres Norato

Creative Directors: Jaime Perea/Nicolas Acosta

Copywriter: Andres Peña

Art Director: Claudia Castiblanco

Executive Agency Producer: Maria Medina

Agency Producer: Cesar Tinjaca

Creative Technologist: Carlos Carbonel

Digital Company: Santachava, Bogotá

Digital Director: Carlos Carbonel

Technical Developers: German Olaya/Santachava

Social Community Manager: Laura Nariño

Photography Studio: Ponce de Leon Photography, Bogotá

Photographers: Camilo Ponce de Leon /Pablo Salgado/Alejandra Quintero Sinisterra/
    Jorge Oviedo

Production Company: Rhayuela Films, Bogotá

Director: Jaime Osorio

Producers: Ana Maria Tarazona/Fernando Chica

Director of Photography: David Gallego

Music Production Company: Sonic Boom, Bogotá

Music Producer: Alex Sanchez

Description of the Project:
Colombia is the country with the highest number of acid attacks towards women; a reality that was invisible until March 27th, 2014 when a video of Natalia Ponce being attacked was shown on all news channels. But she didn't become a victim, she became a fighter for victim’s rights against acid attack, and better health care for victims recognized by all for the mask she wears, Convincing congress to pass a law that gives a 50 year sentence against aggressors.
But, the attacks continued and the aggressors weren’t being pursued. Now she had to rally a country to make her fight theirs, pressuring government to commit to this law and health institutions to provide the right care.
The Last Mask Campaign started in the middle of a massive press conference where Natalia took off her mask showing her face for the first time to the world and handing it to the press asking them to wear it so no other Colombian should.
And the press did just that, kicking off a massive PR movement. Local and international news anchors, TV hosts, journalists, editors and news bloggers put on the mask.
Followed by celebrities, artists, athletes, poets and influencers.
The movement grew through TV spots, outdoor, print, social media, content videos, first aid tutorials, short documentaries, and PR interviews bringing the issue to light.
Motivating individuals, groups and businesses to participate through the website or an app by using mask, making the campaign a rallying cry for the nation. A direct mail was sent to government officials and health care leaders, inviting them to put on the mask and to commit to Natalia’s cause.
And one by one they did. From the first lady, to Majors, Congressmen, district attorneys and doctors.
The fight against acid attacks gained great exposure, touching millions around the world.
· More than 250 million impressions.
· More than 1 million of dollars in free press and earned media in the first weeks
. Thousands of visits through our website.
· Thousands of people put on the mask.
· The Press, TV and radio created content about the project.
· Government officials and health care leaders committed through national media by putting on the mask, from the country’s first lady, to Mayors, Congressmen, district attorneys and doctors.
·The police are committed to create specialized squads to pursue acid attackers.
· Hospitals are training more staff in acid attack care through a tutorial we created.
· The acid market is now controlled by the government just like gun sales.