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Brand Content

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Publicis Brasil, São Paulo
Heineken - "The Cliché"

Corporate Name of Client: Heineken

Client Supervisors: Daniela Cachich/Dario Gargiulo/Renata Silva/João Vitor Ribeiro/
    Ines Costa/Priscila Fins

Agency Account Director: Danilo Ken

Agency Account Manager: Daniel Batista

CEO: Hugo Rodrigues

Agency: Publicis Brasil, São Paulo

Global Creative Director: Bruno Bertelli

Chief Creative Officer: Hugo Rodrigues

Executive Creative Director: Kevin Zung

Group Creative Director: Hugo Rodrigues

Creative Directors: Hugo Rodrigues/Kevin Zung/Alexandre (Xã) Vilela

Copywriters: Pedro Lazera/Mariana Albuquerque/Samuel Normando

Art Directors: Henrique Mattos/Cícero Souza/Guto Kono

Agency Producers: Tato Bono/João F. Saddock/Dani Toda

Production Company: Hungry Man, São Paulo

Directors: Caio Rubini/Fabio Pinheiro

Post-Production Company: Efecktor, São Paulo

Colour Company: Psycho N' Look, São Paulo

Sound Design Company: Jamute, São Paulo

Description of the Project:
In Brazil, football is still seen as a guy’s thing only. A sport to be watched alongside guys without any girls to “interfere”.
So how can we change this perception? We gave three guys the perfect excuse to watch the UEFA Champions League Final in a VIP party without being “disturbed” by their girlfriends. In a romantic dinner arranged by Heineken, they received a menu with a special item on it: a ticket for a free SPA, precisely on UEFA Champions League Final weekend. So, they tricked their girlfriends to go there alone.
At the Heineken party, the guys watched a special video from their girlfriends.
There was no SPA. The girls were at San Siro Stadium in Italy to watch the UEFA Champions League Final in person. The video ended with the message: have you ever considered she likes football as much as you do?