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Silver Winner

Entrant: Marcel, Paris
Intermarché - "Sugar Detox"

Corporate Name of Client: Intermarché

Heads of Client Services: Patricia Chatelain/Sylvie Cole/Mathieu Delcourt/
    Marie Dos Santos/Lucie Ducos

CEOs: Pascal Nessim/Charles Georges Picot

Associate Account Director: Blandine Mercier

Agency Account Manager: Matthieu Morteau

Agency Planner: Leoda Esteve

Agency: Marcel, Paris

Creative Chairman: Anne de Maupeou

Chief Creative Officers: Dimitri Guerassimov/Fabien Teichner

Copywriters: Antonin Jacquot/Souen Le Van

Art Directors: Marie-Océane Scerri/Louis Haffreingue

Agency Producer: Suzanne Pereira Dias

Project Manager: Fiona Seror

Group Project Manager: Coraline Moulin

Print Content Production Company: Prodigious

Print Content Production Companies Cities: Clichy/Paris

Print Producers: Patrice Druet/Corine Guedj

Moving Content Production Companies: Kuest Prod/Cinq Etoiles productions

Moving Content Production Company city: Paris

Moving Content Producer: Charly Forin

Moving Content Production assistant): Pauline Auffret

Directors: Manu G.Cuesta/Edouard Le Scouarnec

Producer: Patrick Andriot

Photographer: Patrice de Villiers

Post-Production Company: Kuest Prod, Paris

Editor: Manu G. Cuesta

Assistant Film Editor/Camera Assistant: Johan Comte

Design Retouching Company: Asile Paris

Design Retouching Company City: Paris

Studio manager: François Kergueris

Description of the Project:
SUGAR DETOX is a 6 step program that helps people to get used to less sugar-filled products, step by step. With SUGAR DETOX, we launched a range of products with individual portions and cup after cup declining sugar rate. Cup after cup, we kept the same receipe with a decreasing sugar rate, ending up with a cup that has 50% less sugar than the first one! Step by step, we discover a less sweet recipe, but not a less tasty one.
To launch this new concept and reach the largest audience, we chose the most popular and best-selling product: the chocolate yogurt - An iconic product for French meals loved by the youngest ones to the oldest and ate at any time and circumstances (lunchs, snacks, family meals...).
In store, the clients discovered the SUGAR DETOX x6 packs in shelfs with a tasting stand, that way, they could taste and feel the effects of the program in 2 minutes : going step by step to the 50% cup.
From the cups to the prints, including the packaging, all the elements of the campaign were designed to illustrate the concept of SUGAR DETOX with a panel of colors used to show the sugar decrease and the different sugar rates.
The results were outstanding. SUGAR DETOX was an immediate success in store. So much, that in the first 3 days of the campaign, we ran out of supply of SUGAR DETOX x6 packs. Our daily sales of yogourts were multiplied by 3.800 % per store and global store traffic increased by 30% overall. The media liked and spread this innovative idea: 56 millions media and social media impressions were generated in the first days (press, TV, social media, blogs…).