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Network of the Year: McCann Worldgroup

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Brand Content

Gold Winner

Entrant: McCann Worldgroup Puerto Rico, San Juan
Primera Hora - "Pepito"

Corporate Name of Client: GFR Media

Agency: McCann Worldgroup Puerto Rico, San Juan

Chief Creative Officer: Aníbal E. Quiñones

Creative Director: Harold Jessurun

Copywriter: Aníbal E. Quiñones

Art Director: Harold Jessurun

Agency Producer: Alexandra Mendez

Editing Facility: McCann San Juan, San Juan

Editor: David Arguello

Colour Company: McCann San Juan, San Juan

Description of the Project:
Texting and driving is a serious issue in Puerto Rico. But the fine for doing this is so low no one takes it seriously, To make things worse the government didn’t pay attention to the problem. People only reacted to the problem when a tragic accident happens. We needed to impact people with someone they knew and loved. Enter Pepito a much loved cartoon that's part of Puerto Rican culture. As part of Primera Hora's long standing comic-strip we featured the end of Pepito, when he was hit and seriously injured by a careless driver while delivering a letter asking congress for better laws against text & driving. Pepito was now in the hospital and in a coma. The only way to make Pepito better and the comic-strip to continue was for civilians to send Pepito's letter to the government. The response was immediate and strong. Congress passed a new bill to increase the fine for text and driving from $50 to $250. 10% of the money collected from the fines will be used to create more education campaigns against text & driving. The House of Representatives invited Pepito to Congress and used him as an example of civilian collaboration in the creation of better laws.