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Music & Sound
Sound Design

Silver Winner

Entrant: J. Walter Thompson Atlanta, Atlanta
Pennzoil - "JOYRIDE Circuit"

Corporate Name of Client: Pennzoil

Agency Account Director: Erin McGivney

Agency: J. Walter Thompson Atlanta, Atlanta

Chief Creative Officer: Perry Fair

Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Jones

Group Creative Director: Dustin Tamilio 

Associate Creative Directors: Troy Leyenaar/Daniel Prado

Agency Producer: Daryll Merchant

Production Company: Lemonade Films, Vancouver

Director: Ozan Biron

Executive Producer: Ted Herman

Producer: Trevor Cawood

Line Producer: Philip Fyfe

Director of Photography: Macgregor

VFX Company: The Embassy

VFX Supervisor: David Casey

Editing Facility: Cycle Media

Editor: Matthew Griffiths

Colour Company: Company 3, Dave Hussey

Sound Design Company: Source Sound Inc. LA, Los Angeles

Sound Designers: Charles Deenen/Csaba Wagner

Sound Engineer: Braden Parkes

Sound Mixer: Charles Deenen

Music Production Company: Generdyn Music

Music Composer: Joshua Crispin

Description of the Project:
This is a story about a Joyrider who makes it his mission to find the rarest cars on the planet and then drive them to the extreme. The film opens up in Barcelona Spain, where our Joyrider receives coordinates to a yellow Ferrari 488 GTB, one of the only turbo based Ferraris that exist in the world. The Joyrider locates the car inside a secret paddock at a near by F1 race circuit. Undetected the Joyrider takes the Ferrari and drives it like no one has ever seen before in and around the racetrack while a guard is asleep listening to classical music. The Ferrari exits the track beneath the security gate arm and heads towards the streets of Barcelona where it drifts and shoots blue flames around tight turns, roundabouts and straightaways before making its grand exit sideways through a tunnel at over 200 kmph in 5th gear.
The sound design for this short film needed to convey one thing: emotion. The emotion felt of driving a $350k car at high speed through a city. For this we recorded the car, the 1st turbo based Ferrari in years, and created hundreds of sound design elements like processed thunders, baby cries, tearing sheets etc. which add emotional touches to the experience without ever becoming overbearing. This makes the listener connect in grounded, yet imaginative ways. The sound design was finished with a super aggressive mix to make the viewer engulfed in a car audio symphony.