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Make Sense Of Music

Radio & Audio
Original Music

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Fuse Adventures In Audio, Singapore
IMI-School of Creative Arts (SOCA) - "Make Sense of Music"

Corporate Name of Client: Institut Musik Indonesia, School of Creative Arts

Agency Account Executive: Ranidya Amanda

Agency Account Director: Ira Alamsyah

Executive Creative Director: Hendra Lesmono

Creative Directors: Wirastomo Hadi/Oni Satriono

Copywriter: Wirastomo Hadi

Agency Producer: Indra Rusmiland

Director: Fuse Adventures In Audio

Audio Engineer: Fuse Adventures In Audio

Music Production Company: Fuse Adventures In Audio, Singapore

Description of the Project:
Radio is a very popular channel for young music lovers in Indonesia, making it a very strong touch point for any music institutes there who'd want to enroll new students.
So, when Institute IMI-School of Creative Arts briefed the agency to make a commercial, they immediately thought of radio.
There is a big difference between the way music is perceived by people who understand the inner workings of music those who don’t.
With musical knowledge, people absorb music not just from how it sounds, but also from how it’s constructed and how it's played. We want to transfer this experience to our audience by illustrating a song performance from the perspective of a musician listening to it.
We replicate all the sounds in a song by vocalising the sounds of the instrumental techniques used.
Our piece of music is constructed out of spoken and sung words, which describe and replicate the instrumental techniques used. The piece develops to quirky and fun frenzy, and is recognisable as being in the style of a grunge rock track, but it leaves the listener confused as to why the piece is performed in such a way. The announcer then reveals the reason for the bizarre performance with:
"Make sense of music. Study guitar and music production at Institut Musik Indonesia..."