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Visual Design

Gold Winner

Entrant: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam, Amsterdam
ING - "The Next Rembrandt"

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Corporate Name of Client: ING

Agency Brand Manager: Elisah Boektje

Strategy Director: Agustín Soriano

Agency PR Director: Jessica Hartley

Agency: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Executive Creative Director/Concept/Copy: Bas Korsten

Senior Copywriter: Kasia Haupt Canning

Copywriter/Concept: Mark Peeters

Senior Art Director: Guney Soykan

Art Director/Concept: Robert Nelk

Agency Print Producer: Chariva Geurtsen

Agency Screen Producers: Frédérique van der Hoeven/Mariska Fransen

Agency Digital Director: Jesse Houweling

Head of Technology: Emmanuel Flores

Design Company: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Design Director: Vinesh Gayadin

Photography Studio: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Photographer: Robert Harrison

Production Company: New Amsterdam Film Company, Amsterdam

Director: Juliette Stevens

Film Producer: Sander Verdonk

Animation Company: Kreukvrij, Amsterdam

Animator: Olaf Gremie

Editing Facility: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Editor: Tim Arnold

Developer: Morris Franken

Developer: Ben Haanstra

3D Artist: Andre Ferwerda

Special Advisors: David Navarro/Jeroen van der Most/Ferran López

Description of the Project:
The Next Rembrandt is a 3D-printed painting made out of over 11 billion Rembrandt pixels. It brings data and technology to a world that’s riddled with tradition, rather than innovation: ING’s sponsorship of Dutch arts and culture.
Made completely out of Rembrandt data from all of his 346 paintings, The Next Rembrandt brings back to life one of the greatest Masters of all time to create one more masterpiece. But this time, data is the painter and technology the brush.
To create the painting, facial recognition and machine software was designed to understand Rembrandt’s style and use those learnings to generate new facial features, which were assembled based on his use of geometric proportions. Finally, a height map was created to mimic Rembrandt’s brushstrokes. The file was brought to life through an advanced 3D printer that printed 13 layers of paint-based UV ink. The project sparked an on-going global conversation about where data and technology can take us — about ING’s innovation defying imagination.