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Silver Winner

Entrant: Cheil Germany, Schwalbach am Taunus
Samsung IFA 2015 - "Innovating Evolution"

Corporate Name of Client: Samsung Electronics GmbH

Client Marketing Director: Mario Winter

Agency Account Director: Hong Seuk Lim

Account Director Digital: Eduard Schoell

Agency Planning Director: Christiane Lobenstein

Agency Account Manager: Sabrina Müller

Business Development: Georg Benedikt Erb

Agency: Cheil Germany, Schwalbach am Taunus

Chief Creative Officer: Roland Rudolf

Executive Creative Directors: Thomas Schröder/Jörn Welle

Creative Director: Hannes Deutsch

Copywriters: Annika D'Ambrogio/Fernanda Roedel

Art Directors: Miriam Preissinger/Dimitrios Karagiannis/Rafael Cavalcanti/
    Johannes Becker/Joana Vinheiro

Project Manager: Sebastian Schöningh

Agency Producer: Moritz Gillrath

Creative Technologist: Arno Klein

Design Company: Cheil Germany

Designers: Ron Stasch/Sean-Andino Konrad

Description of the Project:
In a very competitive and sales driven category, we wanted to go for new ways to create awareness and to present our brand from its generous side. The idea was to take over an iconic lifestyle store to experience the Samsung brand, to demonstrate its innovating relevance in evolution, its competence in design and its role in the market.
With staging Innovating Evolution in Europe’s fashion icon KaDeWe in a playful understatement tonality, we wanted to create synergy effects and create a totally unexpected, fashionable side of the brand. Therefore Samsung as an innovator wanted to demonstrate its role as moving power in the evolution of the mobile sector and make the target group understand, that with Samsung you always get the latest update of evolution.
Creative Idea:
During IFA we melted two steps of evolution in Europe’s luxury department KaDeWe: Today’s innovative technology staged in a prehistoric surrounding. By dressing up a primitive man with high fashion and equip him with the latest Samsung devices. We focused design, sculptural art and premium materials and combined with high-tech. To stress the design even more, an innovative live auction of the artificial design pieces and sculptures especially designed for the shopping windows finished the campaign.
From the beginning of mankind, tools have always been the key for evolution. As Samsung is the innovator and a driving force in mobile evolution, we wanted to show the relevance and influence of Samsung on the society.
For impact and synergies, the KaDeWe as an outstanding landmark for design, high fashion and premium lifestyle was selected. With staging Innovating Evolution there, we approached the prime target group and present the brand from its premium side.
The product exhibition in the store, the 10 shopping windows and the billboard visuals - all this combined to position the brand as a powerful market player with superior design and lifestyle products.
Each window combined the design of Samsung with an aspect of evolution like the new 360° sound globe staged as the eggs of prehistoric birds. People experienced the interactive design by being followed by a giant dinosaur-eye, swiping fishes into the mouth of an alligator by moving hands. They could join the first live auction by scanning the QR-code and biding for favourite design items.
Besides the windows, we developed a blow-up visual like a fashion photo of a primitive man. The in-store exhibition was premium in terms of materials, colours and atmosphere. Special design effect was an arctic skate built out of tablets moving his wings. During daytime, the window installations attracted people’s interest, during night, the whole KaDeWe became a different design object by light effects and sound: like a museum walk through Berlin and like entering into a different world.