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Production & Post-Production
Visual Effects

Silver Winner

Entrant: Marcel, Paris
Instagram - "Only on Instagram"

Corporate Name of Client: Instagram

Client Global Brand Marketing Manager: André Llewellyn

Client Global Brand Marketing Lead: Taj Alavi

Agency Account Supervisors: Nathalie Do Dang Vinh/Philippe Franc

Agency Account Director: Arthur Lenfant

Agency Planning Director: Nicolas Levy

Agency Planner: Benoit Clave

CEO: Pascal Nessim/ Charles Georges-Picot

Managing Director: Olivier Sebag

New Business Director: Thomas Cleret

Agency: Marcel, Paris

Creative Chairman: Anne de Maupeou

Chief Creative Officers: Dimitri Guerassimov/Fabien Teichner

Social Media Creative Director: Jacquelin Guillaume-Duverne

Social Media Strategist: Nicolas Plasmondon

Motion Designers: Julien Taillez/Arnaud Raquin

Project Managers: Manon Lapeyre/Barbara Cruchet

Production Company: Iconoclast, Paris

Director: Megaforce

Producer: Solal Micenmacher

Director of Photography: Tom Townend

Post-Production Company: Mathematic, Paris

Music Production Company: Prodigious, Clichy

Music Producer: Boris Nicou

Music Performed By: Rocky Rock

Song Title: Kannata

Description of the Project:
In this film we see ourselves immersed in an unstoppable ride navigating from an Instagram post to another through a series of small serendipities. Across different frames of a white gallery representing Instagram’s interface, the camera dives into the posts, allowing us to explore many life experiences at the heart of the frozen actions. Each post presents details that serve as connection points between all the different frames, guiding us through the different experiences and stresses the broad and intuitive aspect of Instagram’s social community. Every frame reveals a new and unique environment going from a very rural location, to a warehouse hosting a huge party or a very natural spot. All have in common the power and the intensity of the action that we are immerged into. This gallery also emphasizes the idea of global proximity that Instagram offers through its exploring platform.