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Entrant: Leo Burnett Tailor Made, São Paulo
Samsung - "Samsung Galaxy Surfboard"

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Corporate Name of Client: Samsung

Agency Account Managers: Fabio Brito/Renato Broggin/Sandra Sales

Agency Planners: Tiago Lara/Gustavo Zilles

Agency: Leo Burnett Tailor Made, São Paulo

Global Chief Creative Officer: Mark Tutssel

Chief Creative Officer: Marcelo Reis

Creative Directors: Marcio Juniot/Pedro Utzeri/Rodrigo Jatene

Copywriter: José Arnaldo Pereira Suaid

Art Director: Breno Balbino

Agency Producers: Celso Groba/Maria Fernanda Moura/Dudi Ciampolini Bourroul

Photographer: Lucas Pupo

Production Company: Saigon, São Paulo

Director: Rafa Carvalho

Executive Producer: Marcelo Altschuler

Director of Photography: Will Etchebehere

Production Account Executives: Fernanda Gomes/Karina Bueno/Lou Schmidt/Sean McGovern

Post-Production Company: Mosh Post Production, São Paulo

Post Production: Virgini Fares/Fabio Abreu

Editors: Paulo Augusto/Miranda Rosa/Rafa Carvalho

Software Developer Company: Media Monks, São Paulo

Description of the Project:
To eliminate the distance between Gabriel Medina and his coach during practice, Samsung created the Galaxy Surfboard. Made by shaper Johnny Cabianca, the person responsible for developing the boards of world champion Gabriel Medina, the Galaxy Surfboard has a Samsung smartphone as its technological heart, allowing Gabriel Medina to receive instructions in real time from his coach while practicing in the open sea, helping to maximize his performance. The messages received are displayed on a high-frequency LED screen built into the board, allowing Medina to receive feedback from his coach in real time during practice. Thus helping to increase his performance and motivation without having to return to shore.
The Samsung Galaxy Surfboard has been modified to include two sealed waterproof side drawers; one to hold a Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone, the other to house batteries. Once the surfer is on the waves, two PCB micro controllers inside the surfboard, receive information from the smartphone and show it in real time on an LED display constructed and installed on the surfboard deck. Coach’s tweets tagged with a predefined hashtag appear for five seconds each, and information about the waves, winds and swell appear as graphics beneath the motivational messages. The data about beach conditions comes directly from an exclusive app: allowing a surfer to select the continent, country and beach, and then gives real-time forecasts to help the athlete catch that next great wave.