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Installations/Displays - Permanent


Entrant: INNOCEAN Worldwide, Seoul
Hyundai Health Charging Box - "Hyundai Health Charging Box Campaign"

Corporate Name of Client: Hyundai Motor Company

Head of Client Services: Seungeon Baek

Client Account Director: Sungho Kang

Client Supervisor: Junghwan Park

Agency Senior Account Executive: Taeyong Kim

Agency Account Executive: Sojung Chin

Agency Account Director: Heegon Suh

Agency Account Managers: Suk Cho/Kyunghwa Noh/In Soo Jung

Agency: INNOCEAN Worldwide, Seoul

Chief Creative Officer: Jeremy Craigen

Executive Creative Director: Jung A Kim

Group Creative Director: Sung Chul Kwon

Copywriters: Lee Ra Hong/Ji Sun Lee

Art Director: Hoon Lim

Production Company: GOODLUCK Production, Seoul

Director: Jin Ho Cho

Senior Executive Producer: Woo Jong Kim

Executive Producer: Ji Hoon Lee

Description of the Project:
10 million customers each day, Taxi was rated 20% by the most essential transportations in South Korea. However, the taxi drivers in Korea have been working excessive jobs for 13 hours, which means they are working twice as long than other country. This can be dangerous to drive for a myriad of hours with their stress and exhaustion in that small area. Most of the drivers get stressed and exhausted while they work, and it would be very dangerous to drive with them.
Drivers absolutely need a break for 5 to 10 minute exercises, but they cannot even stop their work for one second. So, they do not have enough time to charge their body at this point. For the exhausted drivers, Hyundai had to find out how they can charge their bodies.
*Description of the Strategy
The idea of the driver’s healthcare from the car company and, the idea of the road and customer safety are directly related work. As Hyundai supplies 72% of the taxi vehicles, they cannot just overlook the drivers’ exhaustion and health problems. Therefore, they got the new plan to solve this problem. The car company built the charging station at the gas station spot for the drivers to approach there easier and faster, and the company invented a useful installation that the drivers can efficiently work out in just several minutes.
*Description of the Creative Idea
Hyundai renamed the Staions from [Gas Charging] Station to [Health Charging].
The Gas Stations that the taxi drivers hardly need to go to at least once a day. The time is quite short but, we decided to create a place for the exhausted drivers to charge their body and breathe some fresh air for 5 to 10 minutes which is efficiently useful. All in all, the drivers can charge their health during the worktime instead of making their individual schedule.
*Description of the Execution
The Health Charging box was installed by circulation of the taxi cab to let the drivers easily come into the LPG Charging Station. Its form of appearance is designed in the shape of the battery icon to show where the charger is for the drivers. Additionally, the area, where the drivers work out, made by clean glass to show other taxi drivers as well.
The size of the health charging box is approximately 4 to 5 inches and, there are VIVENTE, medical examination program, and the fundamental sports equipment inside and their length is reduced.
The drivers who visit here are 1. Health check, 2. Smart stretching, 3. Smart fitness. They can experience three of these steps in a short time in an efficient way. Also, the drivers can report their health change on the health card, and the professional trainer will teach them in more detail about it.
*The Results
The Health Charging Box is currently located in five huge cities including Seoul and approximately seven thousand drivers have visited in 2 months already.
Besides, there is removable charging station to enlarge the service around the cities, which is [Health Charging Bus] for the drivers who cannot even visit the charging stations. This bus runs around the terminal, airport and any other places where the drivers are. Therefore, Hyundai plans that they will build more health charging stations in most of the cities for the drivers’ health.