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Digital Installations

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Air Partner of McCann, Brussels
VOO - "This was Louise's phone"

Corporate Name of Client: VOO

Heads of Client Services: Bruno Van Sieleghem, Erica Vanini

Agency Account Director: Caroline Charles

Agency Account Manager: Daphné de le Vingne

Agency: Air Partner of McCann, Brussels

Executive Creative Director: Eric Hollander

Creative Directors: Dieter De Ridder, Joeri Van Den Broeck

Art Director: Ramin Afshar

Agency Producer: Bérengère Lurquin

Design Company: Studio Unfold, Antwerp

Design Directors: Dries Verbruggen, Claire Warnier

Production Company: Czar, Brussels

Director: Gunter Blokken

Executive Producer: Bieke De Keersmaecker

Description of the Project:
Cyber bullying is a serious issue, which has reared its ugly head over the past couple of years in step with the development of social media and the appearance of new types of mobile messaging. The consequences among teenagers are proving disastrous, and in the worst cases it has even driven victims to take their own lives.
As an Internet and mobile provider, VOO refuses to allow its services be put to bad use and has therefore decided to fight these dangerous practices. One example is the story of Louise, a young girl who committed suicide in 2014 after falling victim to cyber bullies.
In collaboration with the Federal Police and Louise’s father, we have developed an interactive experience based on the contents of Louise’s phone.
VOO together with the national police turned a tragic loss into something meaningful: "The telephone of Louise" a virtual installation where youngsters could experience how impactful the messages were on the life of Louise.
We created a physical installation consisting of 600 balloons, equal to the number of hate messages Louise received in just 5 days. With at the center Louise’s phone. Visitors are guided through the experience by the voice of Louise’s father, who recounts his daughter’s story
Afterwards, visitors can take action against cyber bullying by signing a manifesto on the fundamental sense of respect for others online. The names of those signing then appear on the walls of the installation. Victims and witnesses of cyber bullying, in turn, will find all the necessary resources to successfully deal with this issue.