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TV/Cinema/Online Film
Branded Content

Silver Winner

Entrant: Ogilvy New York, New York
Qualcomm Snapdragon - "Lifeline"

Corporate Name of Client: Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Head of Client Services: Mark Himmelsbach

Client Account Directors: Adam Puchalsky/Lee Sheng

Client Account Managers: Brian Lee/Alexandra Andrial/Vanessa Luo/Zora Liao/
    Faith Stonner/Zoey Dong

Client Marketing Director: Gemini Baba

Media Companies: Neo@Ogilvy, New YorkNeo@Ogilvy, Los Angeles/Neo@Ogilvy, Beijing

Media Planners: Kim Kozma/Sarah Greenfield/Alice Wei/Michael Bruckstein/
    Mandana Mellano/Allison Karr/Wynn Kong/Weiwei Yu/Samantha Sutantio/Ryan Kelly/
    Amy Fraze/Melissa Gorris

PR / Marketing Companies: Burson Marsteller, Beijing/DiGennaro Communications, New York

Agency: Ogilvy New York, New York

Chief Creative Officer: Teddy Lynn

Group Creative Directors: David Yankelewitz/Aaron Mosher

Creative Directors: Bastien Baumann/Chris Rowson

Copywriters: Peter Nordstrom/Dan Winikur/Tim Stiefler

Art Directors: Andrew Miller/Lauren Van Aswegen

Agency Producers: Nicole Severi/Sebastin Aresco

Agency Music Producer: Karl Westman

Screenwriters: Armando Bo/Lucas Bucci/Mariana Levy

Production Company: Anonymous Content, Los Angeles

Director: Armando Bo

Senior Executive Producers: Steve Golin/Eric Stern

Producer: Vincent Landay

Director of Photography: Javier Julia

Post-Production Company: H&O Productions, New York

VFX Company: Timber, Los Angeles

VFX Supervisors: Lauren Loftus/Kevin Lao

Editing Facility: Arcade Edit, Los Angeles

Editor: Paul Martinez

Sound Designer: Wylie Stateman

Music Production Company: Pulse Music, New York

Music Composers: Danny Bensi/Saunder Jurriaans

Description of the Project:
We created "Lifeline", a 30-minute product demo disguised as a psychological thriller.
Kai, a young Chinese man who is the heir to a pharmaceutical fortune, wakes up in Shanghai one morning to discover that his true love, and American woman named Emma, has vanished without a trace. Confused and distraught Kai fears she has left him until he receives a mysterious package containing Emma's phone.
Over the subsequent 30 minutes, Kai must use Emma's phone (and many of its differentiated features) to figure out what has happened to Emma, who she really is and get to the bottom of her disappearance. Along the way he is forced to question his beliefs, his family and his love for Emma.
The film was produced by the Academy Award winning producer of Spotlight and The Revenant. The film was launched on iQiyi in China and on YouTube, Facebook and Hulu in the US using the massive reach of the films star talent.
To date, the full film of Lifeline has been viewed more than 20MM times and total views of Lifeline content including the accompanying documentary exceed 100MM.