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Production & Post-Production

Bronze Winner

Entrant: RPA, Santa Monica
Honda - "Paper"

Corporate Name of Client: American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Client Account Director: Tom Peyton

Client Account Managers: Nick Lee/Jignesh Patel

Client Marketing Director: Sandra McCaughan

Agency Senior Account Executive: Brett Bender

Agency Account Executives: Paul Sulzer/Susan Kim

Agency Account Supervisor: Rose McRitchie

Agency Account Directors: Jeff Moohr/Adam Blankenship

Agency Strategic Planner: Christian Cocker

Agency: RPA, Santa Monica

Chief Creative Officer: Joe Baratelli

Executive Creative Director: Jason Sperling

Creative Directors: Chuck Blackwell/Ken Pappanduros

Copywriters: Chris Bradford/Josh Hepburn

Art Director: Laura Crigler

Executive Agency Producers: Gary Paticoff/Isadora Chesler

Agency Producer: Matt Magsaysay

Production Company: RESET CONTENT, Santa Monica

Director: PES

Executive Producers: Jen Beitler/Jeff McDougall

Producer: Stan Sawicki

Director of Photography: Eric Adkins

Post-Production Company: A52, Santa Monica

Executive Post-Producer: Patrick Nugent

Post-Producer: Luisa Boryczko

VFX Company: A52, Santa Monica

VFX Supervisor: Kirk Shintani

Lead Artists: Aaron Baker/Mike Bettinardi/Michael Cardenas/Jon Belcome/Joe Chiechi

VFX Editor: Dan Ellis

VFX 2D Artists: Michael Plescia/Enid Dalkoff/Chris Moore

Flame Artist: Andy Barrios

Animation Company: RESET CONTENT, Santa Monica

Animators: Amy Adamy/Sihanouk Mariona/David Braun/Julian Petschek/Javan Ivey/
    Jen Prokopowicz/Brandon Lake/Ranko Tadic/Jose Rivera

Animation Producer: Eileen Kohlhepp

Editing Facility: Rock Paper Scissors, Santa Monica

Editor: Stewart Reeves

Assistant Editor: Jasmina Zaharieva

Colour Company: A52, Santa Monica

Colourist: Tommy Hooper

Sound Design Company: Factory UK, London

Sound Designer: Phil Bolland

Mix Company: Lime Studios, Santa Monica

Description of the Project:
Honda is the only auto company on the planet that can truly claim to be a mobility company, covering everything from motorcycles and jets to robotics and the world’s first super-charged racing mower. Honda has a history of helping people move forward into the future.
Our goal is to create awareness surrounding the innovation of the brand.
With “Paper,” we’re illustrating an abridged narrative of Honda’s incredible history and demonstrating the vast range of Honda products using an engineer’s most reliable tool: paper. Using stop-motion animation, hands move across an engineering idea board through Honda’s timeline, flipping through animated drawings that represent the progress of Honda innovation.
The four-month process was shot entirely in-camera, using multiple illustrators and thousands of illustrations.