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TV/Cinema/Online Film

Bronze Winner

Entrant: ACNE, Stockholm
IKEA - "Let's Relax"

Corporate Name of Client: IKEA

Creative Director IKEA: Morten Kjaer

Creative IKEA: Fredrik Preisler/Katie Copeland

Project Manager IKEA: Mia Malmström

Client, Creatives: Fredrik Preisler/Katie Copeland

Client, Project Manager: Mia Malmström

Client, Head of Planning : Morten Lundholm

Agency: ACNE, Stockholm

Creative Director: Johan Holmgren

Copywriter: Markus Bjurman

Art Director: Cecilia Dufils

Production Company: ACNE, Stockholm

Director: Tompa & Rondo

Executive Producer: David Olsson

Producer: Fredrik Skoglund

Director of Photography: Anders Jedenfors

Final Art: Oliver Juan

Project Leader: Ori Mace

Description of the Project:
This film taps into a modern global phenomenon we all can relate to - The loved and loathed food picture in our social media feeds. By placing this new behaviour back in the 18th century, we want to put things in a different perspective and question whether it has all gone a bit too far. Isn’t it time to relax, leave the expectations outside the kitchen door and rediscover the simple joy of cooking, eating and being together?
“We’ve arrived at a moment in time where the expectations we bring with us into the kitchen hold us back from what we might like to do. Not only expectations that others put upon us, but also those which we put upon ourselves when we believe that we have to present a “perfect” image of ourselves online.