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Use of Typography

Silver Winner

Entrant: Ogilvy New York, New York
Webby Awards - "Typevoice"

Corporate Name of Client: Webby Awards

Agency Strategic Planner: Jeremy Wilson

Agency: Ogilvy New York, New York

Chief Creative Officers: Corinna Falusi/Alfonso Marian

Creative Directors: Chris Rowson/Bastien Baumann/Abe Baginsky/Kaare Wesnaes

Art Directors: Dennis Kung/Lauren Van Aswegen

Executive Agency Producers: Angela Fung/David Ross/Ami Moore/Akiko Nakashima

Creative Technologists: Blake Rutledge/Joseph Laquinte/Lynn Maharas

Design Director: Lucas Camargo

Designers: Blake Rutledge/Chris Allen/Justin Au/Robyn Makinson/Weston Doty

Chief Production Officer: Matt Bonin

Chief Technology Officer: Jason Wurtzel

Technologists: Raul Morales/Allison Rowley/Eric Hulsizer/Nathaniel Jones/Kevin Hamel/
    Christopher Deneen/Matt Ahrenstein

Description of the Project:
The Webby Awards celebrates the best of the Internet. The People’s Voice Awards were created to open voting to the public. In 2016 the Webby Awards turned 20 years old and partnered with leading digital, design and creative agencies to celebrate innovation across the Internet.
We celebrated the Webby People's Voice awards by literally celebrating the uniqueness of people’s voices. By combining creative technology, design and typography, we created ‘Typevoice’; the first online font shop that allows users to generate their own customized typeface by using their voice. People could then share personalized GIFs or even download the typeface.
Typevoice is essentially a web application that leverages the best that Chrome and Firefox has to offer. It analyzes the live inputs of audio data from your devices microphone to manipulate custom made typefaces in real time. Using volume, pitch, and other audio parameters we created algorithms that animated each letter/character. Because Typevoice uses different parameters, it generated thousands of unique typefaces.
Yell, laugh, and whistle into Typevoice and you’ll find yourself surprised. Under the hood of this application we have Greensock animation library, javascript, and lots of math with SVG data.
Typevoice helped drive more people than ever before to vote in the Webbys Peoples Voice Awards. Typevoice saw 17k visits in the week leading up to the People's Voice Nominations. Fast Company, Digiday, FWA, Type Directors Club and Creativity were amongst some of the press and publications championing Typevoice. GIF creation platform Giphy even promoted Typevoice. 10,960 unique GIFs and typefaces were created and shared.