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Entrant: Amusement Park Entertainment, Los Angeles
Stride Gum Mad Intense Flavors - "Stride Gum Presents Heaven Sent"

Corporate Name of Client: Mondelez International

Client Global Media & e-Commerce : B. Bonin Bough

Client Brand Director: Katie Williams

Media Company: The Story Lab, London

Media Executives: Cathy Boxall/George Cottrell

PR / Marketing Companies: Amusement Park, Santa Ana/Hunter PR, New York

PR / Marketing Executives: Bob Ochsner/Justin Aclin

Agency Chief Business Affairs : Bobby Ware

Head of Content & Monetization : Laura Henderson

Agency: Amusement Park Entertainment, Los Angeles

Art Directors: Devin Bradford/Richard Schreiber

Director of Integrated Production: Michelle Prieve

Executive Agency Producers: Michael Flowers, Jr./Deirdre Smith

Agency Producers: Jennifer Shank/Tatum Shank/Marti Smith

Social Media Strategist: Christia Brockman

Production Companies: Amusement Park Entertainment, Los Angeles/
    Berman Productions, Santa Monica/Precision Food Works, San Pedro

Directors: Joe Demaio/Sequel Smith/Rel Smith

Producers: Poetri/Bill Urban

Director of Photography: Stephen Kenneston

Technical Developer: Tad Scripter

Technical Director: Keith Winikoff

Line Producers: Aaron Cooke/Smoke Smith

Post-Production Companies: Amusement Park, Santa Ana/Chainsaw, Hollywood

Music Producers: Vanacore Music Library/John Alexis

Music Performed By: Raury

Description of the Project:
“Stride Gum Presents Heaven Sent”, was a spectator event that was broadcast live as a 60-minute show on FOX television in primetime in the USA on July 30, 2016. It also live streamed on YouTube as a global pay-per-view event. The show featured Luke Aikins as he skydived from a plane at 25,000 feet with no parachute, no wing suit…nothing but the clothes on his back. The jump landed Aikins in the Guinness Book of World Records for his no parachute, no wing suit jump from nearly 5 miles up in the air.
There's a huge chasm of difference between what Luke Aikins did in HEAVEN SENT and what Felix Baumgartner did in Red Bull Stratos.
Put simply, Felix used a parachute and a space suit in Red Bull Stratos.
In HEAVEN SENT, Luke had absolutely nothing. No parachute. No wing suit. No space suit. Yet, he landed safely.
"Stride Gum Presents Heaven Sent" generated 1.42 billion impressions. Funded entirely by Stride Gum, the show relaunched Stride Gum and its new Mad Intense flavors. (Mad Intense is Stride’s tagline). Also, Heaven Sent was part of Mondelēz’s International’s new corporate strategy of monetizing its content. Revenue streams included the selling of commercial inventory on FOX, pay-pay-view on YouTube, selling commemorative T-shirts and hats online, and the creation of Heaven Sent The Game, which was made available on iTunes and Google Play.