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Media Innovation


Entrant: Leo Burnett, Sydney
Samsung Tab S2 - "Celebrity Tantrum"

Corporate Name of Client: Samsung Australia

Head of Client Services: Amanda Quested

Client Account Director: Ian Bell

Client Account Manager: Michelle Carter

Client Marketing Director: An Le

Agency Account Director: Brendan Swansborough

Agency Planning Directors: Russell Mitchinson/Emily Taylor

Agency Planner: Jack Spicer

Agency: Leo Burnett, Sydney

Global Chief Creative Officer: Mark Tutssel

Executive Creative Directors: Grant McAloon/Vince Lagana

Creative Group Heads: Adrian Ely/Nigel Clark

Copywriter: Nigel Clark

Art Director: Adrian Ely

Agency Producer: Rachel Devine

Production Company: MindsEye, London

Director: Peter Lydon

Producers: Max Yeoman/Jonny Knight

Director of Photography: Nic Sadler

Digital Company: Leo Burnett, Sydney

Chief Digital Officer: Kieran Ots

Digital Producer: Chris Summers

Technical Developers: Keong Seet/Farham Amjad

Digital Designer: Janifer Wong

Post-Production Company: Filament, London

Post Producer: Pippa Halfnight

VFX Company: Filament, London

VFX Supervisors: Hani Alyousif/Richard Nelson

CG Artist: Richard V Nelson/Frank Eagan

Additional Effects By: Hani Alyousif/Jamie Crofts

Editing Facility: Final Cut, London

Editor: Suzy Davis

Description of the Project:
The job was to launch the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet using traditional online media.
The challenge was that 70% of people have a competitor tablet (mainly the iPad) and don’t feel the need to upgrade.
The opportunity was that we knew that 16 million Australians watch entertainment on their personal devices.
With this in mind, our online ads used device detecting technology to directly target people while they were using a competitor personal device (iPad, iPhone etc) to deliver the message that only the Samsung Tab S2 has a screen worthy of high quality entertainment.
So if you’re not using a Samsung Tab S2, the people who create entertainment (directors, actors etc) will be upset that you’re watching all their hard work on an inferior screen.
Our online spot looked like a piece of high quality entertainment –a trailer for the popular show, Game of Thrones - and used an actor from the show famous for only saying one word, finally speaking up against inferior screens. Thanks to the device detecting technology, he knew whether you were watching it on a competitor phone, desk-top or tablet and tailored his tantrum at you depending on the specific device. An innovative way to use existing technology within the online media space.
It was highly successful, resulting in a 10% increase in market share, over 58 million impressions, and reaching over 4.7 million personal devices in a contextually relevant and targeted moment.