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Product Design


Entrant: Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo, Tokyo
Delicious Supplement - "Delicious Supplement"

Corporate Name of Client: East Japan Railway Company + Yokohama Station Building

Client Supervisors: Takami Tateishi/osuke Hidaka/Maki Nozaki/Toru Arakawa/
    Noriaki Mochida/Kazuya Watanabe

PR Planner: Katsunori Endo/Yurika Hotta

Agency Account Director: Yoshihiro Ito

Advertising Agency: Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo, Tokyo

Executive Creative Director: Jon King

Creative Director: Shunsuke Kakinami

Copywriter/Experience Designer/Account Planner: Mai Kaneda

Art Director: Jun Oizumi

Agency Producers: Mihoko Suzuki(Package)/Sentaro Yoshino(PR)/
    Konosuke Takahashi(Digital)

Design Companies: Beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo, Tokyo

Design Directors: Sunao Shirase/Masaomi Minegishi

Designers: Akihiro Kuwahara/Yuko Takamichi

Photographer: Sakiko Ohno

Retoucher: Teruumi Kuroda

Digital Designer: Hisako Konagaya

Production Companies: Amana, Tokyo/Suzuki Shofudo, Kyoto

Director: Ryosuke Uchijima

Producers: Eiji Tachi(Package)/Shunsuke Doi(Film)/Hisashi Kitahara(Still)

Technical Director: Tomonori Oki

Line Producer: Taewan Kim

Cinematographer: Takehiro Kano

Resercher: Risa Kyuragi

Keio University Professor: Katsuhiko Ogawa

Description of the Project:
The modern-day fast-paced lifestyle is forcing people into bad diet habits. Less attention is paid to what they are eating and nutrition intake. And they take supplement pills to compensate for the lack of nutritional balance. And the distance between the deliciousness they want and the nutritions they need is getting further day by day.
Introducing the originally unique food service onto a food court of the station building, Delicious Supplement. Delicious Supplement is a personalized lunch capsule 'prescribed' to regain the nutritional balance you may have lost. Three uniqueness of this service are its 'physiological diagnosis system' using LINE app to identify your lacked nutrition, its 'originally designed lunch-box capsule' in the same shape of supplement pill, and offering 'over 2.2 million combinations of delis' from which you can find your favorite deliciousness.
This service lets you enjoy the deliciousness you want now, with the nutrition you need now. As the diet innovation to solve modern people's diet habit problem.