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Music & Sound
Music Adaptation - Instrumental

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Musikvergnuegen, Los Angeles
Intel - "Experience Amazing"

Corporate Name of Client: Intel

Agency Senior Account Executives: Marianne Besch/Celia Everett

Agency Account Executive: Ayesha Khara

Agency Account Directors: Peter Geary/Amy Krieg

Agency: mcgarrybowen, San Francisco

Executive Creative Director: Marianne Besch

Creative Director: Lorrin O’Neill

Associate Creative Director: Drew Jaz

Agency Music Producer: Jean Scofield

Production Company: Super Prime

Director: Samuel Bayer

Executive Producer: Roger Zorovich

Producers: William Green/Dave Kemp

Editing Facility: Bikini Edit

Editor: Gabriel Wyre

Editorial Producer: Gina Pagano

Music Production Company: Musikvergnuegen, Los Angeles

Managing Director, Global Music Production: Jerry Krenach

Music Executive Producer: Julia Trainor

Music Composers: Walter Werzowa/John Luker

Music Performed By: Vienna Philharmonic

Original Artist: Beethoven/Walter Werzowa

Original Song Title: Symphony No. 5, Intel 'Bong'

Description of the Project:
We recently completed an original score and audio branding for Intel’s new anthem campaign. Consisting of a :60 brand spot, :30 cutdown and several :15 vignettes, all set to the original motif “Symphony In Blue,” the work is part of Intel’s larger branding efforts to leverage their connection to artistic and technological innovations. More recently, the brand partnered with Lady Gaga for a futuristic Grammys performance honoring the late David Bowie.
In the :60 anthem, we see amazing feats of artistry in fashion, design, music and technology that have been powered by Intel, highlighted by the dramatic shifts in tone and tension of “Symphony In Blue.” The track pays tribute to Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 5,” while also mixing in Intel’s famous mnemonic. The “Symphony” was performed by a live orchestra in Vienna, where it was also recorded.
The two motifs complement each other, so it’s not just a collage. Even though we’re mixing it in with this classical track, the Intel mnemonic is the nucleus, the big bang of the whole campaign. Our thinking was, ‘What could be more powerful than combining one of the most recognizable motifs in broadcast with one of most renowned symphonies in musical history?’
The project was a close collaboration with Intel’s agency which first approached us more than a year ago, looking to have us, the originator, build upon our original, iconic mnemonic. “Symphony In Blue” is the backbone of the campaign and was concepted, composed and recorded before a single frame for the campaign was shot.
In order to give the soundtrack an authentic classical feel, the composer wrote and recorded the score in his hometown of Vienna, where Beethoven and many other classical artists gathered their inspiration. The final track was recorded with musicians from some of Vienna’s best orchestras, including the world-famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. For the composer this was a very emotional experience as he was not only following in the footsteps of so many of his classical idols, but he was also recording near his childhood home.
“This was such a defining and unique opportunity for me in my advertising career,” said the composer. “I got to work with the Vienna Philharmonic in the best concert hall in the world, only a few blocks from where I grew up. The people on this campaign were incredible, and it was an honor to partner with Intel again -- a relationship that has lasted for 20 years."
By using music as the core theme of the campaign, the music production company says Intel’s new spots are able to achieve a unique cross-cultural connection that most brands struggle with.
“The beauty of this spot is that it’s something very non-precise created for something that is so incredibly precise,” concludes the composer. “Music has no barriers or boundaries, and in this campaign, it’s created such a beautiful handshake between these worlds of technology and emotion.”