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Entrant: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul
Ministry of Unification - "Piano of Unification"

Corporate Name of Client: Ministry of Unification

Media Company: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul

Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul

Chief Creative Officer: Jeongkeun Yoo

Executive Creative Director: Wain Choi

Copywriters: Zion Songha Lee/Hyun-Gyu Kim

Art Director: Josh Seok-jin Shin

Agency Producer: Il-tae Choi

Production Company: Televi Film, Seoul

Directors: JaeChul Lee/Sean Yoo

Producer: Byung-su Kim

Editors: Jae-yeon Lee/Dong-hyun Kim

Sub Director: Juhyun Sihn/Hyunung Choi

Sound Design Company: GongMyoung, Seoul

Sound Designer: GongMyoung

Music Production Company: GongMyoung, Seoul

Music Director: GongMyoung

Description of the Project:
Korea is the only divided country in the world. On the 70th Anniversary of the division, the Ministry of Unification wanted to create a nation wide initiative to revive people’s interest in unification. This is why we chose to use the most iconic symbol of division, the DMZ wire fence, to transport the message of unification.
We collected old and replaced wires from the DMZ fence and with the help of instrument specialists we were able to process the wire in a way that it would make melodic sounds. After six months of research it started to sound similar to a piano and our “Piano of Unification” was born.
The piano was exhibited at the Seoul Museum of Art in Seoul and was also played in the biggest concert hall of Korea on the National Independence Day. The piano played the song of unification, which touched many hearts and increased people’s interests and sympathy for the unification again.