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Production & Post-Production
Visual Effects

Bronze Winner

Entrant: Dans Digital, Shenzhen
Tian’an Cyber Park-T4 - "T4-Logo"

Corporate Name of Client: TIANAN CYBER PARK

Production Company: Dans Digital, Shenzhen

Director: Bohong Deng

Senior Executive Producer: Cuimin Zhou

Executive Producer: Yan Jiang

Producers: Yan Li/Jinliang Jiang

Directors of Photography: Bo Yang/ Minsheng Lin

Post-Production Company: Dans Digital, Shenzhen

Executive Post-Producers: Guanghao Xu/Yan Li

VFX Company: Dans Digital, Shenzhen

VFX Supervisor: Guanghao Xu

VFX Editor: Yuping Duan

VFX 3D Leads: Kai Fan/Hongming Xiang

VFX 3D Artist: Jinliang Jiang

Editor: Yuping Duan

Description of the Project:
The creative idea of the film comes from the positioning of T4 project. As a large scale real estate platform, this project manages to provide enterprises with good development space. Thus, the creative idea of film is based on unconstrained dancing of a dancer.
In order to make this film have unique visual effects, massive visual special effect techniques and unique artistic styles are applied in full length. The whole video comrd with single tone, unsaturated blue color, close to sky grey, conducting a sense of clean and purification feeling to the audience . To fulfill the designed fluid motion effects of the film, we need to perform fluid motion computing in accordance with motion information from the shooting process.
However, on top of the dancing motion, clothing of the dancers is also part of the artistic design in this project. Thus, dancers cannot wear any motion capture equipment, no Mocap markers are attached to the clothes of the dancing artists . The whole film is finished without assistance from any movement capturing devices. This is the most difficult part of the whole project.
For the audio side, the music is comprised of drum and movement of dancers, form of water to present Chinese classic culture. The architecture of water is designed with artistic feel in calligraphy of Chinese classic culture. It also is incorporating silk waving movement in traditional Chinese dancing. The dancing movement design, is also integrated with ballet, modern dance, gymnastics elements, perfectly present the connotation of both Chinese and Western elements.