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Radio & Audio
Use of Music

Silver Winner

Entrant: FCB Brasil, São Paulo
Estadão Digital - "Songs of Violence"

Corporate Name of Client: Estadão Digital

Head of Client Services: Flavio Pestana

Client Account Director: Marcelo Moraes

Client Supervisor: Marcela Dalla Torre

Client Marketing Director: Marcelo Moraes

Media Planners: Fabio Freitas/Cristina Omura/Rebeca Aguiar

Agency Senior Account Executive: Mauro Silveira

Agency Account Executive: Cris Pereira

Agency Account Supervisors: Juliana Peralta/Renato Coelho

Agency Account Director: Anna Santana

Agency: FCB Brasil, São Paulo

Chief Creative Officer: Joanna Monteiro

Executive Creative Director: Fabio Simoes Simon

Copywriter: Vinicius Dalvi

Art Director: Tiago Freitas Gaum

Agency Music Producer: Debora Cassolatto

Editors: Dudu Doria/Rodrigo Resende

Sound Design Company: SAXSOFUNNY, São Paulo

Sound Designers: Zezinho Mutarello/Cezar Brandao

Music Producer: Debora Cassolatto

Description of the Project:
"Songs of Violence" as an idea whose very existence depends on the creative use of data. We used Shazam to identify songs that promote gender-based violence and then match them to actual testimonials of women who suffered identical abuse.
Every song lyric and testimonial was reviewed and then the equivalent were matched. This way, songs with rape lyrics, for example, would be paired with rape testimonials. And the audience would listen to an actual experience of someone who suffered the same abuse as the lyrics promotes.