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Experiential Marketing


Entrant: 1-10HOLDINGS Inc., Tokyo
SEIYU - "Handmade Hometown"

Corporate Name of Client: Seiyu GK

Agency Planners: Tadashi Watano/Shogo Tominaga

Agency: 1-10HOLDINGS Inc., Tokyo

Creative Director: Shogo Tominaga

Copywriters: Hideaki Mizutani/Tadashi Watano/Shogo Tominaga

Art Director: Shogo Tominaga

Agency Producer: Nobuko Sumimoto

Production Companies: Nice Rainbow Inc., Tokyo/Imura Officee Inc. Tokyo/
    Studio Interfield Corporation, Tokyo

Director: Hiro Kano

Assistant Director: Rika Takahashi

Lighting Director: Ryosuke Kakuto

Camera Operators/Camera Assistants: Takashi Sekimori/Sayaka Nanri/Yoshiya Isobe/
    Ryu Kitamura

Director of Photography: Nobuaki Imura

Colourist: Haruka Okutsu

Connector: Satoko Toda

Stylist: Kumiko Mori

Description of the Project:
During their student days, the majority of Japanese grow up
eating box lunches, known as “bento,” prepared by their parents. For Japanese housewives, however, this is no easy task. Even if not feeling well, there is no choice but to make these lunches day after day. The supermarket SEIYU vigorously promotes its EDLP Program, championing sales of “Every Day Low Price” products.
As a brand committed to supporting today’s busy housewives, SEIYU has accentuated the precious yet often underrated value of their devoted contributions.
This stunt was picked up by numerous different media, changing the perception of such “work by mothers,” often prone to be largely dismissed in the public awareness to date, from “simple menial labor” to the dimension of “proud creation.”
This approach likewise proved potent in showing how closely SEIYU is actually involved in the daily lives of consumers, thereby successfully expanding the number of SEIYU brand fans.