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Experiential Marketing


Entrant: Ogilvy & Mather Japan GK, Tokyo
Refugees International Japan - "The Refugee Collection"

Corporate Name of Client: Refugees International Japan

Head of Client Services: Jane Best

Agency Planner: Naoko Ito

Media Company: Neo@Ogilvy KK

Media Planner: David Rittenhouse

PR Companies: Ogilvy & Mather Japan GK, Tokyo/Edelman Japan, Tokyo

PR/Ogilvy & Mather Japan GK: Abi Sekimitsu

PR/Edelman Japan: Shawn Mullins

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Japan GK, Tokyo

Chief Creative Officer: Ajab Samrai

Executive Creative Director: Ajab Samrai

Creative Director: Ricardo Adolfo

Creatives: Rafael Angulo/Jonathan Chekpo/Amelie Scheinert/Jay Nabin Syed/Jiayi Wang/
    Adel Abouelfetouh

Copywriter: Ricardo Adolfo

Art Directors: Maiya Weister/Andy Fenning

Agency Producers: Atsuko Keino/Yuichi Aso

Production Company: Hogarth & Ogilvy Inc., Tokyo

Director: Dixon Wong

Senior Executive Producer: Fred Kendall

Designers: Andy Fenning/Maiya Weister/Odding Wang/Angela Lai/Meri Giogobiani/
    Robin Seufert

Photography Studio: Ohsugi Photography, Tokyo

Photographer: Akihiko Ohsugi

Package Production Companies: MPB Co., Ltd., Tokyo/Bianco Co., Ltd., Tokyo

Package Production: Takashi Terashima/Shigeru Jin

Editor: Dixon Wong

Event Production: Ichiro Ota/Amanda Marshall/Junya Takahashi

Description of the Project:
Refugees International Japan needed donations to fund its projects worldwide but collecting donations in Japan has always proven to be challenging.
The refugee crisis is seen as a distant problem and rarely makes the news. Last year only 11 people were granted asylum out of 5,000 applications.
So, if Japanese people weren’t reaching out to the problem we decided to bring the problem to Japan.
The idea behind The Refugee Collection was to showcase in the most powerful and shocking way the plight of refugees worldwide. To confront an oblivious public with the tragic conditions experienced everyday in refugee camps around the world, and share the personal story behind every horrific event that shapes each and every refugee life.
To achieve this, RIJ Volunteers collected 100+ exclusive items in refugee camps from Somalia to Myanmar. All the objects were donated by refugees who wanted to send an unforgettable personal message to the people of Japan.
Each item was placed in a once in a lifetime bespoke piece of packaging that looked innocent on the outside but contained the tragedy inside. The packaging design was further complemented with the name of the donor and the story behind the object.
For the launch, a Pop-Up shop was opened in Omotesando, the most upmarket shopping street in Tokyo, where all the objects were made available to buy.
Supported by an integrated campaign including PR, posters, digital, social and an online store, the collection achieved a record number of donations.
All funds generated reverted back to the refugees who donated the items.