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Entrant: TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc., Tokyo
Tourism Australia - "GIGA Selfie"

Corporate Name of Client: Tourism Australia

Agency Account Executive: Hiroyuki Tanaka

Agency Account Director: Ichiro Tezeni

Agency: TBWA\HAKUHODO Inc., Tokyo

Chief Creative Officer: Kazoo Sato

Creative Director: Satoshi Chikayama

Copywriters: Norihito Takahashi/Nobuhiro Arai

Art Director: Yoshihiro Kono

Agency Producer: Hirotaka Fukatsu

Programmers: Jun Takashima/Yoshiaki Kajiyashiki

Production Company: AOI Pro., Tokyo

Director: Takayuki Niwa

Producer: Keisuke Mizusako

Digital Producer: Yusuke Yamanaka

Interactive Producer: Jun Tokunaga

Technical Director: Masashi Oohashi

Digital Designer: Yuri Morimoto

Photographer: Naoto Somese

Buzz Machine: Kazuaki Kuribayashi

Production Managers: Ryo Tsuchiya/Ryohei Kumamoto

Description of the Project:
Australia is a big island overflowing with vast and breathtaking landscapes. However, tourism to this attractive destination has been taking a downturn in recent years. As for Japanese visitors, numbers have dwindled to a half of what they were during the golden age. There was a dire need to communicate the travel experience that can only be enjoyed in the vast nature of Australia to as many people as possible.
GIGA Selfie. The world’s largest selfie service. A first of its kind, the service can combine the vastness of the landscape along with the visitor’s smiles in one giant selfie. At designated spots of particularly outstanding beauty, tourists will stand at a certain spot and operate a camera remotely via their smartphones. The unique software will combine hundreds of images taken into 1 giant selfie. In less than 2 minutes, the photo is delivered to the user.
The GIGA Selfie brought about huge reactions from across the planet. As a result, the world was reminded of the beauty of Australia and we succeeded in increasing tourist numbers.
Most importantly, in addition to promoting Australia to the world, the GIGA Selfie has potential to bring the same positive results to other parts of world.
・Facebook Engagement increased at startling rate
SHARE+11,173%, LIKE +430%
・News coverage in over 180 countries
・Japanese visitors increased by 118% year on year
・Patent obtained
・Currently under consideration to install across Australia
・ Huge interest and queries from tourist and amusement spots from around the world