Grand LIA - Radio & Audio

Entrant: HEIMAT, Berlin
Hornbach - "You're Alive. Do You Remember?"

Junior Copywriter: Mo Sadeghi

Junior Art Director: Marco Bienek

Corporate Name of Client: HORNBACH Baumarkt AG

Client Marketing Directors: Thomas Schnaitmann/Julia Ziegelmann

Media Company: Mediaplus, Munich

Agency Account Executives: Matthias von Bechtolsheim/Maik Richter

Agency Account Supervisor: Tim Holtkötter

Agency Account Director: Frauke Bielefeld

Agency Account Managers: Franziska Falk/Franziska Lequen

Agency: HEIMAT, Berlin

Chief Creative Officer: Guido Heffels

Creative Directors: Guido Heffels/Frank Hose/Teresa Jung

Copywriter: Marlon Fischer

Art Director: Felix Pfannmüller

Producers: Marlon Fischer/Guido Heffels

Sound Design Company: LOFT Studios, Berlin

Sound Designer: Thomas Berlin

Audio Engineer: Benjamin Schäfer

Voice-Over: Milton Welsh

Description of the Project:
We hear a manly, rough voice exploring the essence of a material.

From tapping, squeezing and stroking - he explores every pleasurable feeling just by touching it with the bare hands. After the inspiring experience he invites the listener to feel alive and to start the next project.