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Bronze Winner

Entrant: HEIMAT, Berlin
Loctite - "When You Have a Minute - Circle"

Corporate Name of Client: Henkel

Head of Client Services: Dr. Patricia Castejón

Agency Account Supervisors: Tim Holtkötter/Nico Buchholz

Agency: HEIMAT, Berlin

Chief Creative Officer: Guido Heffels

Creative Directors: Guido Heffels/Ricardo Distefano/Stephen Quell

Copywriters: Axel Didon/Adrian Staehelin

Art Director: Anthony Montagne

Agency Producer: Alexander Münzer

Production Company: Markenfilm, Berlin

Director: Ali Ali

Producers: Robert Tewes/Johanna Karger/Martynas Mickenas

Director of Photography: Pierre Mouarkech

Service Production Company: Strictly Baltic, Vilnius

Description of the Project:
An undisclosed self-help group is gathered for a meeting. One of the new members is introduced and asked to share his story with the rest of the people. He is definitely not ready and asks for a minute to gather himself. The crowd uses the minute to make repairs to a myriad of objects – from roller skates to vases to wall clocks – with LOCTITE 60 SECONDS.
Life is hectic these days and there seems to be just not enough hours in the day. When we break things we face delays we don’t need and repairs take even more of our precious time. So it's good to know that bigger repairs are quick and easy with new LOCTITE 60 SECONDS. Lets explore this incredibly efficient use of time and see what brilliant things you can achieve when you got a spare minute at hand. Lets win the minute!