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Branded Entertainment
Virtual Reality

Bronze Winner

Entrant: R/GA, New York
Samsung - "ANTIdiaRy"

Corporate Name of Sponsoring Client: Samsung Electronics America

Client Team: Marc Mathieu/Kelly Solomon/Erin Riggins/Kristin Harrer/Jesse Coulter/
    Matt Moller/Sony Joy

PR / Marketing Companies: Rosetta, New York/Edelman, New York

Agency Strategic Planner: Danny Marsh

Agency Account Managers: Helder Santo/Jenny Holmes/Ben Kravitz

Business Affairs: Stephen Bernstein/Mister Brumfield

Advertising Agency: R/GA, New York

Creatives: Trevor Eld/Tristan Kincaid/Qian Qian/Felipe Ferreira/Cesar Marchetti/
    Vitor Andrade/Madeline Garber/Jenny Wu

Agency Producers: Angela Esmilla/Ella Gray/Esther Rosenburg/Genevieve Sugalski

Creative Technologists: Adam Housman/Frank Yandolino/Lambert Torres/Joe Wanko/
    Jodha Kandola/Eric Geruldsen/Aaron George/Blake Kus/Brian Kuzma/Andres Pagella/
    Miles Disch

Experience Design: Xavier Gallego/Oscar Llarena/Ankita Arvind

Analytics: Kristin O'Halloran/Tim Ferris/Jo Hayes

Production Company: 72 and Sunny, Los Angeles

Producers: Kris Pito/Denise Knickerbocker/Randi Cohen/Ashlye Vaughan/Kathy Monahan

Description of the Project:
Although virtual reality will soon be everywhere, right now only early adopters and hardcore tech enthusiasts have the necessary hardware. But just about everyone has a smartphone. So we developed ANTIdiary as a mobile virtual reality experience. No apps, no headsets.
Galaxy owners could follow Rihanna’s journey through 8 virtual rooms, and explore these 360º environments simply by moving their phone around – no apps or headsets required.
Guided by a series of cinemagraphs, the story unfolded in any direction they chose. They uncovered clues, met characters, solved mysteries, even followed the trail out into the real world.
When curious fans started hacking into the source code, we planted more clues there, including a unique substitution cypher, ASCII images, and exclusive photos of Rihanna.
At the end of the journey was the thing everyone was waiting for: ANTI. Rihanna’s most personal album yet, with an exclusive download for Galaxy owners.