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Branded Entertainment
Documentary Short Film

Silver Winner

Entrant: Grey San Francisco, San Francisco
Norton - "In Search of the Most Dangerous Town on the Internet"

Corporate Name of Sponsoring Client: Symantec

Client Chief Marketing Officer: Kathryn Kane

Client Marketing Director: Michael Kulich

Media Company: Grey San Francisco, San Francisco

Media Planner: Jocelyn Lee

Agency Account Executive: Ed Fong

Agency Account Supervisor: Ben Warden

Agency Account Director: Will Egan

Agency Strategic Planner: Brady Ambler

Agency Planner: Zach Melchiori

Agency: Grey San Francisco, San Francisco

Chief Creative Officer: Curt Detweiler

Creative Director: E Slody

Art Director: Tatum Cardillo

Brand Strategist: Ryan Miller

Executive Agency Producer: Michael Huntley

Production Companies: Caviar, Los Angeles/Icon Films, Bucharest

Director: Sean Dunne

Senior Executive Producer: Michael Sagol

Executive Producers: Jasper Tomlinson/Max Knies

Producer: Kelly Bowen

Line Producer: Jonathan Dawes

Director of Photography: Isaac Bauman

Post-Production Company: Caviar Post Production

Editing Facility: Beast Editorial, San Francisco

Editors: Doug Walker/Max Holste

Colourist: Brandon Chavez

Sound Designer: Steve Bucino

Music Production Company: 740 Sound, Los Angeles

Music Producers: Erin Reilly/Geena Richard

Music Composer: David Nyman

Description of the Project:
In Search of the Most Dangerous Town on the Internet is an original documentary film created by Norton Symantec to make the ambiguous, intangible nature of digital security real. Blurring the lines between advertising and entertainment, the film brings a name and a face to the nameless and faceless perpetrators of some of today's most malicious online crimes, The goal of the film is simple, to educate, enlighten and leave our audience better prepared to keep going boldly, not blindly in a world where everything is connected.