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Consumer Campaign

Gold Winner

Entrant: Memac Ogilvy - Dubai, Dubai
IKEA Special Offers - "Bed", "Lamp", "Table", "Nightstand", "Bookcase"

Corporate Name of Client: IKEA Saudi Arabia

Agency Account Manager: Rami Rihani

Agency Planning Director: Taha Iqbal

Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy - Dubai, Dubai/Memac Ogilvy - Jeddah, Jeddah

Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: Khai Meng Tham

Chief Creative Officer: Paul Shearer

Executive Creative Directors: Ramzi Moutran/Atilla Nyeki

Associate Creative Directors: Juliana Paracencio/Luiz Vicente Simoes

Copywriter: Luiz Vicente Simoes

Arabic Copywriter: Maya El Kai

Art Directors: Juliana Paracencio/George Serhan

Designers: George Serhan/Monica Figueredo

Agency Producers: James Alfred/Reethu Zacharia

Art Buyer: Rafael Malonzo

Illustrator: Bruno Rodrigo Miranda

Head of Client Services: Bernard Abou Nader

Description of the Project:
IKEA is known world over for its low-cost beautiful Scandinavian designs. But, people sometimes forget just how low-cost it is. So IKEA asked the agency to create a reminder to the general public of how affordable their furniture can be.
They wanted a campaign that was simple, visually striking and flexible enough to be used in all the touchpoints; something that could blend together design and affordability in a fresh new way. Since the brand is all about modern
and iconic design, to visually express its affordability, the agency had to find something as iconic. So we did an extensive research of all the ordinary things we buy for little money to remind IKEA shop goers just how little they pay for great Scandinavian design. A few cups of coffee, a handful of stamps, toothpastes, all of those have very distinct shapes and would serve as the perfect canvas
for our idea: show that IKEA furniture is as affordable
as the least expensive things in our everyday lives.