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Innovative Use of Billboard


Entrant: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg
Lufthansa Intercontinental Flights - "Travel Compass"

Corporate Name of Client: Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Head of Client Services: Benita Struve

Media Companies: Mindshare, Frankfurt/Kinetic, Frankfurt

Agency Account Director: Katharina Jung

Agency Account Manager: Nina Frank

Chief Creative Officer: Fabian Frese

Group Creative Director: Christian Kroll

Creative Directors: Björn Neugebauer/Oleg Friesen/Alena Serhatlic

Copywriters: Danny Fröhlich/Philipp Platz/Dennis Ruhnau

Art Director: Nicole Feldmann

Agency Producer: Alexander Schillinsky

Graphic Designers: Maaike-Helena Hazen/Vera Hemmer

Art Direction Online: Navid Shahabi

Online Concept: Andreas Gröger

Production Manager: Stephan Gerlach

Production Company: 3Spin, Darmstadt

3Spin Account Manager/Technical Director: Oliver Göck

3Spin Creative Director: Thomas Poursanidis

Post-Producer: Hannes Raff

Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg

Description of the Project:
The burning desire to travel can be kindled with inspiration and excitement. That’s why Lufthansa created an entertaining brand experience with the invention of a new medium: the Lufthansa Travel Compass – the first digital poster that enables you to travel with a simple turn of your hand.
The interactive outdoor screen takes people in Hamburg and Berlin on a virtual journey like never before. It can be turned like a compass and displays six exciting travel destinations in Asia and the USA. Rotation sensors built into the outdoor screen recognise the direction in which the compass is moved. When the screen is touched, the corresponding destination comes to life as an interactive 360° video. By turning the poster, users can then explore the destination as if they were there live.
As part of an integrated campaign concept, the 360° videos have also been seen on the web and social media, generating a high level of interest on YouTube, in the new Chrome Player as well as on 360° banners. With the Lufthansa Travel Compass, people can experience their dream destination before even having stepped on the plane.